Retracing Steps and other Homegrown Stories

Saturday, November 26, 2016

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As much as home is where the heart is, it is also, oftentimes, where great adventures start. Whether it be the pride in memorizing a terrain or the epiphany of seeing a familiar landscape in a different light, our hometowns are one sure way of eliciting emotions that'll translate into stories. There are tales in the thoroughfares of our childhood, atop the trees we climbed when we were kids, and the corners and hills we grew up with – all of which are just waiting to be told. In the November edition (the first after a loooong hiatus) of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival, my esteemed colleagues drew inspiration from their respective hometowns and take us with them on a journey that will give us (and, in a way, them as well) a glimpse into what makes them the person that they are today.

Island-hopping with Gym Buddies
Gian and Sheila, the love team behind Adrenaline Romance, share one summer adventure with their gym mates. Far from the urbanized skyline made up of Mactan's high-end resorts and "man-made paradises", Team Sweetie finds themselves at a financial disadvantage one moment, among Japanese tourists the next. 

"A lovely eternal dance of sea and sky,
Blue lips meld but only in an endless distance,
With the absence of touch and tenderness, they only have eyes for each other
As man passes between them, oblivious to their infinite love"

Read more about the sweet summer escapade here: Island Hopping Around Hilutungan Channel: Visiting Pockets of Heaven
adrenaline romance

A Relaxing and Off-the-Grid Family Bonding
It is always a pleasure (and, sometimes, a privilege) to travel with your family. Regin narrates his family trip to the Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon, with some beautiful photos to boot!

"It was one of my favorite family vacations, ever. And I think, the most relaxing."

Get some family bonding inspiration from Regin's Dahilayan Gardens and Resort.
regins travels

Of Stories Woven From Nature
It is said that traveling turns us into storytellers, but in the case of Rain, her passion for stories began in her hometown of Iligan where she grew up in a mostly untamed natural landscape, and among people with an even wilder imagination. She recounts the legends of two of Iligan's most popular waterfalls – Maria Cristina, and Tinago – injecting her own enchanting word-weaving to the already marvelous tales.

"The way of nature is something that needs not only to be respected, but also, accepted."

Drown yourselves in the torrents of Rain's storytelling in The City of Majestic Waterfalls.
words and wanderlust

Returning to a Childhood Summer Get-away
After two years of being away from his hometown of Torrijos, Marinduque, Jeffrey comes home to relax at one of the town's beautiful gems. Prefacing his story with a soliloquy about his memorable (and enviable) childhood in the Heart of the Philippines, he then proceeds to describe the magnificence that is Poctoy Beach.

"Yeah, those childhood experiences and memories never fade and will forever be treasured."

Know how to experience the treasure of the Traveling Morion's hometown in Poctoy White Beach.
traveling morion

Year-round Adventure for Thrill-Seekers
Kara of Travel Up is a fellow Bicolana. In an attempt (and a successful one at that) to present Camarines Sur as more than just a pilgrimage site, she lists down 10 extreme adventures in the province for anyone who's looking for some adrenaline rush anytime of the year.

"From scaling down waterfalls to biking down mountain trails, adventure-packed activities await."

Learn more about these exciting activities in 10 Extreme Adventures in Camarines Sur.
traveling up

Life, Love, and Legacies
Sometimes, stepping back from a familiar situation can give you perspective, a much clearer understanding of things and events. And for Claire, traveling to far-off places had helped her see her hometown of Calauag in a light that not only involved physical landscapes but also moments that are intangible but essential.

"I cannot say I lived in Calauag, Quezon, having visited there around ten times only, maybe less. But Calauag undoubtedly lives in me..."

More of Claire's journey to retrace her heritage in An Adventure Worth Taking: Going Back to My Roots.
i am traveling light

Yearning and Returning
When you leave home, there's always the anxiety (fear, even) that comes with returning. There's the inevitable questions of recognition, of whether you will or you won't. In a somber fugue accompanied by recollections of her childhood, of starlit walks and tracing constellations, Jho reveals her longing to sail back home as well as her reasons for putting it off. 

"The longer I am away, the more yearning to revisit my once abode, my bliss.  I am now a stranger to the place I knew so well. Deep inside, fearful if I still belong to the town life used to revolved."

Do you share the same yearning? Or fears? Find out in Sailing Back Home.
mountains and beyond

God is Not Dead
Ephraim of Selfless Travels relives one of his earliest, and most impressive, memories in his hometown of Ormoc in Leyte. 

"It was really a devastation that my young mind couldn't imagine. But I know God was there all the time. He gave the Ormocanons resilience, strength, and comfort."

Read about the power of Faith in God Saved Our Family Twice.
selfless travels

How to Define Home
Our definition of home, much like everything else, differs. And in a beautifully written piece (as always), Jona of Backpacking with a Book tells us how and why, despite residing in Cebu City, Tuburan will always be her home.

"Tuburan in June is as hopeful as its rain, gushing with merriment and innocent joy. It is a kid buck-naked taking June rain as a shower without the knob to control its intensity."

Curious about Tuburan? Learn more about it here: Mouli Ka, Ya?
backpacking with a book

Leaving Everything Behind To Return Home
At some point, we'll get tired of Manila and its demands – the traffic, the vices, the pressure. Micaela's reasons for returning to her hometown of Dagupan to work there will certainly resonate with all of us.

"It’s been almost three years since the day a decided to start anew and I think it is the best decision I’ve made as far as my health, sanity and self-fulfillment is concerned."

Read about Mica's compelling reasons in Why I Moved Back to Dagupan.


"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

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