6 Ways The Sandugo Ourea is Your Solemate

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

sandugo ourea trail shoes

It's no secret: I'm a huge advocate of local brands. And one local brand I'm a real fan-girl of is Sandugo Sandals.

Two  years ago, when I'd started traveling, I'd gotten my hands (or feet?) on a pair of pink Sandugo Helikon trekking shoes. All throughout my travels, the Helikon had been my companion. It was my first and only pair of adventure shoes for two years. It took me to more than 10 mountains and back, to countless provinces from Luzon to Mindanao, to a variety of intense outdoor activities. It still blows my mind that it was able to last the way it did, especially knowing how stressful and demanding our relationship had been. Alas, after two years of constant adventuring, I'd finally put my Helikon to rest. It is still wearable, mind you, (the very reason I still keep it, I'm sentimental that way) but it is no longer suitable for extreme activities. As a replacement, I now wear the new and improved Sandugo Ourea.

So just in case you're out shopping for a pair of trekking shoes, allow me to convince you that the Sandugo Ourea is your solemate too

My sleeping bag is a Sandugo and I don't only use it during camping, also for long bus rides as a blanket to keep me comfortable. If I were to spend my own money, I would get a Sandugo bag but my Ate had already gifted me with one albeit from a different brand. Even so, Celineism's official photographer Dennis is also a big Sandugo fan. His bag and sleeping bag are both from Sandugo. And like me, his first (and only) pair of adventure footwear is also a Sandugo. 

The fact that Ourea is made by Sandugo gives it street cred. I, (and a couple of others, I'm sure), can personally vouch for the quality of Sandugo products. And the Ourea is certainly no exception. 

I wear my Sandugo Ourea even for just a walk around town and I get compliments for how rad it looks. I sport the Red/Neon Yellow pair and it's undeniably striking. This particular pair doesn't only give your hiking outfit a fashionable twist but also makes you hard to miss when amidst greenery – a vital thing just in case you needed rescuing. But if you prefer a milder, more natural look, the Ourea also comes in neutral shades of black and grey.
ourea trail shoes review
Not only for climbing mountains

The Sandugo Ourea's design is perfect for the hardcore adventurer. It has an open mesh and synthetic uppers for continuous airflow, decreasing the chances of sweaty, smelly feet. Its cushioned collar and phylon midsole provide comfort and shock-absorption. Toe bumps made of hardy rubber ensure protection from accidental boulder-impact, while the aggressive lugs give traction on almost any kind of surface – say goodbye to dangerous (and embarrassing) slips!
ourea shoes price
Photo courtesy of Sandugo
mt paliparan guide
In Mt. Paliparan's Hagkanan

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Whether it be scaling mountains or crossing streams, the Ourea is sure to get you through. It may not be waterproof but it's sturdy enough not to disintegrate at the first contact with water. It can survive a proper soaking, I tell you. Trust me, I've proven this during my Mt. Paliparan exploration – perhaps the ultimate stress test for the Ourea. It was able to come out of it with just a few letters missing – the SANDUGO imprint on the insoles became just "UGO" – and some stains. Speaking of stains...
best trekking shoes
The Ourea went through the wild trail of Mount Paliparan

Now, I'm no expert at cleaning and I definitely try to maintain as much of a no-fuss life as possible. I also care not for wash instructions. My go-to cleaning method is the scrub-and-rinse and thank goodness that's more than enough for the Ourea. The stains and dirt from the overgrowth of Mt. Paliparan? Gone in just a few minutes of scrubbing and rinsing. 
top climbing shoes
That's how it looked like after the exploration but cleaning it was a breeze

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For less than Php3,000, you'd get to have a durable footwear that is perfect for the demanding life of an outdoorsy thrill-seeker. With the Sandugo Ourea, or any Sandugo products for that matter, you'll definitely get, if not more, your money's worth. Dennis, for one, is already convinced and plans to get one for himself. So go get your own pair too for the regular price of only Php2,495 at any Sandugo authorized retailers near you. Oh and you can now order online and have items conveniently delivered to your home! Check out Sandugo's website and Facebook page for more details.
ourea trail shoes colors
Ready for another adventure with my Sandugo Ourea!

See my Ourea in action in this video.

Got a local brand you're a fan of? Share them in the comments below and I might just try it! :)

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