Rizal For Every Kind of Adventurer

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

what to do in rizal

An interesting topography makes up the province of Rizal: some parts mountainous and rugged, other parts concrete and urban. Couple this dynamic landscape with a rich, diverse culture and you'll get a province that basically has it all. Before you think that this is just some marketing gimmick, here is the proof that, whatever is your "trip", Rizal is resplendent and will have just about everything for you:

Rizal For Every Kind of Adventurer

What I Like
- Contemplating the meaning of life while looking at stunning artworks
- Mulling over a strange sculpture
- Fang-girling over a favorite artist
- Basically anything that has to do with visual arts and other artistic expression

What Does Rizal Have For me?
- Art appreciation at Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo
- Art-ventures in Angono
what to do in rizal
One of the halls of Pinto Art Museum

What I Like
- Discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants
- Trying out local delicacies
- Learning the culinary character of a place
- In short: food trips

What Does Rizal Have For Me?
- Extraordinary dishes in Angono
- Chance gastronomic encounter with the Dumagat of Sitio Tuoy in Tanay
- Lots of food places in Antipolo
things to do in rizal
Balaw-balaw restaurant's Minaluto

What I Like
- Scaling boulders and sharp rocks
- Camping under the stars
- Looking over the beautiful world spread before me
- Braving steep inclines and wild trails

What Does Rizal Have For Me?
- Mount Tagapo in Binangonan
- Mount Daraitan and other mountains in Tanay
- Mount Sembrano in Pililla
- Mount Pamitinan and other mountains in Rodriguez-Montalban
top things to do in rizal
The view from Mt. Pamitinan

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What I Like
- Learning the historical significance of a place
- Having a glimpse of the lives of our ancestors
- Preserving and protecting historical and cultural knowledge
- Understanding the roots of a place and what composes its identity

What Does Rizal Have For Me?
- The oldest known artwork in the Philippines: The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs
- One of the Katipunero's hideouts: Pamitinan Cave in Rodriguez-Montalban
- A former battlefield during WW2: Mount Paliparan in Tanay
- A thriving Dumagat community: Sitio Tuoy in Tanay
tourist spots in rizal
The entrance to Pamitinan Cave

What I Like
- Soaking up healthy sunshine
- Running around outside, biking, smelling flowers, tree walks, and bird-watching
- Watching sunsets and sunrises
- Going on low-impact trips that promote environmental and cultural conservation and protection

What Does Rizal Have For Me?
- The Lakeside Park in Angono
- Masungi Georeserve in Baras
- The Windmills of Pililla
- Parola in Tanay
tourist spots in rizal
Atop Sapot in Masungi Georeserve

What I Like
- Chasing waterfalls and bathing in rivers
- Cool, clean, clear natural pools
- Riding a balsa across a calm stream
- Basically pretending to be a mermaid/merman

What Does Rizal Have For Me?
- Wawa Dam in Rodriguez-Montalban
- Daranak Falls in Tanay
- Tinipak River and Cave in Tanay
- Tungtong Falls in Tanay
rizal tourist spots
A portion of Tinipak River

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So, just pick the kind of adventurer you most identify with – whether a Fearless Foodie or an all-around Outdoor Lover or both, and gear up for your personal brand of adventure in Rizal!

What kind of adventurer are you? Me? I'm a bit of everything! :)

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