7 Reasons Why Wings On The Go May Not Be For You

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

wings on the go

One of my favorite foodscapes has finally opened up a dine-in place! Point of clarification: they only used to operate through a delivery/pick-up system, gaining a significant local loyal following (including me) in the process.

Ever since I discovered it, Wings On The Go has been my honest-to-goodness favorite place to get food. I got incredibly sad when they halted operations for several months. But, Faye and Leo, I forgive you, because you came back bigger and better!

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While I can gush here all day about WOTG, let me present to you 7 reasons why this foodscape may not be to your liking:

1. It's location is hailed as the country's Art Capital
Okay. If you prefer the hustle-and-bustle of the city, then WOTG may not be for you. There are less people and less traffic here. Pace is much slower and your foodscapade can be easily coupled with an Art Tour! If you're not into art-ventures and good food, then maybe you shouldn't bother.
wings on the go angono
WOTG is where Trattoria used to be located, a few steps from the Angono Plaza

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2. It's not your usual restaurant
Owing their success to social media and online transactions, owners/husband-and-wife Leo and Faye David decided to incorporate something different to their new dining place: a Lifestyle Shop wherein fellow online sellers can have a physical store for their products. For an inexpensive monthly fee, sellers can display their goods in the restaurant and benefit from the big crowd. If you don't enjoy looking at fun and cute knickknacks while waiting for your food, I suggest you eat at home instead.
wings on the go angono
WOTG is both a Restaurant and a Lifestyle Shop
wings on the go angono
Some of the yummy items sold in the lifestyle shop
wings on the go
The lifestyle shop also holds makeup essentials for you kikay out there

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3. Everything is made fresh
The main reason why Wings On The Go gained a cult-like following is that their food makes you feel like it was especially made for you. Quality is truly the priority! And it is consistent. In WOTG, serving takes time to ensure you get top-notch food in your table at all times. So, if you like fast but meh food, there are a lot of fast food chains out there. Good luck.  
wings on the go angono
If there is such a thing as a gourmet chichirya, El Nacho would be it

4. Servings are huge for its price
Seriously. You'll be surprised how big the portions are in WOTG, especially when you find out that the most expensive item on the menu is less than Php250. If you're big on portion control, well, I tell you now, that'll go out the window as soon as you see WOTG's serving sizes.
wings on the go angono
Owners Faye and Leo. Check out the menu board above them. Isn't that affordable or what?
wings on the go angono
Look at all that food!!

5. Burgers are legit grilled
Co-owner/Grill Master Leo says that he knows burgers are essentially unhealthy. But he wants to at least tone down the unhealthiness by grilling WOTG's burgers. You can taste how smokey the original-recipe patties are as soon as you bite into them. Don't worry, though, the smoke from the grill doesn't get to the dining area. But if you prefer greasy burgers then we've arrived at an impasse.
wings on the go angono
The Man vs Food-reminiscent Macho Burger
wings on the go angono
The double patty goodness of The Terminator!

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6. The salad doesn't make you feel sad
You know when you're trying to eat healthy and the healthy options on the menu are not that appetizing? You order a salad and it looks so destitute next to the yummy burgers and fries your companions are gorging down on. Wings On The Go's Green Salad doesn't make you feel so insecure with your choices. It's actually delicious and filling. If you're not a fan of tasty healthy food, WOTG's Green Salad might offend you and we don't want that. 
wings on the go angono
That's the complete opposite of La Sad.

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7. WOTG's Buffalo Wings will ruin chicken wings for you
Let me tell you now: if you don't want your standard of Buffalo Wings demolished beyond recognition, avoid WOTG's wings. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy, these chicken perfection will forever haunt you, serving as the point of comparison every time you try other wings. Trust me, all other Buffalo wings will fail to live up to WOTG's. This might prove to be a problem if you're not from Angono or nearby, as the constant craving will make you insane, probably. Or worse: expelled. (Joke lang. Shout out to Potterheads!)
wings on the go angono
The Buffalo Wings that will ruin other chicken wings for you
Perfect blend of sweet and spicy
So, these are the reasons you may or may not enjoy dining at WOTG. Of course, being the true Filipino that you are, you might still succumb to the temptation of quality delicious food. But, remember: you have been warned. Nakakaadik. Walang sisihan. 

Wings On The Go Resto and Lifestyle Shop
#213 E. Rodriguez Street Brgy. Sto Nino Angono, Rizal
Tuesday - Sunday
3PM to 9PM
+63 926 533 2794

Got a foodscape you're a huge fan of? Share it in the comments section! 

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