Gumasa, Glan: The White Sand Beach You Most Likely Never Heard Of

Thursday, January 14, 2016

gumasa white sand beach

More than being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, more than being the hometown of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the province of Sarangani in Mindanao keeps a bevy of destinations for every kind of journeyer.

One such destination, perfect for the Beach Bum who prefers a tranquil out-of-the-way spot, is Sarangani's – and Mindanao's – best kept secret: the beach of Gumasa in the municipality of Glan. Rimmed by the Sarangani Bay and the Celebes Sea, the coastline of Gumasa is overlaid with a clear azure water. Its shores have white sands, fine and powdery.
gumasa beach resort
Post-card worthy, isn't it? By the way, all photos in this article are (except for the graphics) unaltered. That's really how beautiful Gumasa is!
gumasa glan sarangani
If you're lucky, you could even have the beach all to yourself!

Surprising enough, getting to this piece of paradise is not as difficult as one would think – thanks to the modern highway. It's less than an hour from the city of General Santos and commuter's vans, regularly ply this route.

Several resorts have already been established, but the cheapest and most serene ones are located farther along the shoreline. There are rooms available for short stays as well as areas for tent-pitching. The resorts also usually have restaurants and concession stands within their vicinity, but prices are significantly higher.
gumasa glan white beach
Rooms for rent are available at Coco Beach Resort

But all in all, Gumasa offers the same pristine beaches of Boracay – if not more – minus the party vibe that some people are not down for.

How to Get There
The nearest airport to Gumasa is in General Santos. Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines both have regular flights here. From General Santos, take a tricycle or a habal-habal to KCC Mall. Beside the Mall, there are commuter's vans bound to Gumasa. Alight at the van terminal in Glan. From here, there are tricycles and habal-habal for hire that'll take you to the resort of your choice in Gumasa. As of May 2015, there are no other means of public transportation to and fro Gumasa aside from the aforementioned vehicles.

Tips, Reminders, and other Concerns
  • Make sure to make a two-way arrangement with a tricycle or habal-habal driver. You can either ask them to wait for you or, if you're staying overnight, get their mobile number and just have them pick you up the next day.
  • Rosal Beach Resort, and Coco Beach Resort – where I went – are two of the more famous (and pricey) resorts in Gumasa. Venture farther out and you're sure to find cheaper alternatives. I heard Davak Resort is quite nice.
  • For Rosal and Coco Beach, you will not allowed entry (even if you pay entrance fee) if you don't get a cottage. 
  • Accommodations are quite expensive, but tent-pitching is allowed.
  • Vans traveling back to GenSan are available at the Glan Terminal.


  • Tricycle fare from General Santos town proper to KCC Mall - Php8 to Php10 (depending on where exactly in the town you're coming from)
  • Van fare from KCC Mall to Glan - Php40
  • Tricycle Rental (two-way) - Php400 to Php800 (depending on haggling and skills and number of persons)
RESORT RATES (As of May 2015)
  • Rosal Beach Resort: Entrance fee - Php100; Cottage rental/day - Php400
  • Coco Beach Resort: Entrance fee - Php50; Cottage rental/day - Php250

Have you been to Gumasa? How was your experience?
And oh, if you have updated rates and other information, please do share them on the comment sections below.

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