The DIY Guide to Climbing Mount Tagapo in Binangonan, Rizal

Thursday, January 14, 2016

mount tagapo

When friends come to me and say they want to try out mountaineering, I take them to Mount Tagapo in Talim Island in Binangonan, Rizal. It is perfect for beginners – consisting of easy to moderate ascents, and slightly inclined rocky terrains – and also offers a 360-degree view of Laguna de Bay. What's more is that it is relatively easy to commute to here from Metro Manila, plus it's very budget-friendly!
mount tagapo binangonan rizal
During summer months, Tagapo is not as "hairy" as pictured here. This was taken on a January.

So if you want to take on a new hobby or just looking for a new mountain to scale, here's a DIY guide to Mount Tagapo.

How to Get There

From Cubao, go to the jeepney terminal beside Telus (near Farmer's Market) and take a jeepney bound for Binangonan. If there aren't jeepneys here, walk behind Alimall (in front of Concentrix). There should be jeepneys going to Binangonan here.
mount tagapo budget
Aboard the ferry to Talim Island.

There are also vans to Binangonan in the terminal in Megamall as well as in Robinsons Galleria. Jeepneys to Binangonan are also available at Star Mall. 

Once on a jeepney to Binangonan, tell the driver you'll be getting off at Pritil Port. Once in Pritil, ride a ferry boat to Talim Island and alight at Brgy. Janosa. Proceed to the base camp on your right. If there's no one there, just ask around.

Sample Itinerary
0800 - Meet- up at Pritil
1015 - Arrival at jump-off, Janosa
1030 - Start Ascent
1110 - Mango Tree
1330 - Arrival at camp near Summit
1345 - Summit
1445 - Descent to Base Camp
1520 - Base Camp
1735 - Back to Pritil

  • Jeepney fare Cubao vv Pritil - Php45.00 x 2 = Php90 (as of January 4, 2015)/pax
  • Boat Ride Pritil vv Janosa - Php30.00 x 2 = Php60
  • Registration Fee - Php20.00/pax
  • Tour Guide (no fixed rate)- Php300.00 to Php500.00
For what to expect on the trail, read: The Energy Push at Mount Tagapo, and Back to the Bosom of Mount Tagapo

Reminders and Other Concerns
  • In Pritil Port, boat leaves as early as 8AM, and has trips every hour, until 6PM. Same goes for trips in Brgy. Janosa. So keep that in mind if you're doing a day hike. 
  • There are food establishments near Pritil Port, and sari-sari stores and carinderias in Brgy. Janosa.
  • Grass growth and height are manageable
  • There were no presence of limatik
  • Bring sunscreen/block and anything that can shield you from the sun. Trees are sparse, you'd be exposed to the heat for most of the hike.
  • Bring lots of water too!
  • Camping is possible
Contact Persons
  • Incumbent Barangay Captain Arambulo: +63 943 544 0524
  • Guide, Kuya Nick: +63 918 212 7470

Did you find  this guide helpful? What other budget-friendly climbs would you recommend?

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