Rediscovering Bukal Falls in Majayjay, Laguna

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

bukal falls majayjay laguna

A favorite destination among locals and Mount Banahaw pilgrims, Bukal Falls is not entirely new in the tourism industry. This is evident in the system in place – from the registration fee to the tour guide rates – and the established trail. At least in the Majayjay side.

Bukal Falls is known as such because it is located in Brgy. Bukal in Majayjay, Laguna. But for those coming from Liliw (which entails a much harder trail than the fairly easy one in Bukal), this falls is known as Kilangin. But for the purpose of consistency in this article, let us refer to it as Bukal Falls.

Locals share that Bukal Falls has been a popular spot since the 90s, when it became a pit stop for pilgrims and mountaineers scaling nearby Mount Banahaw. Bukal Falls, after all, lies at the foot of the Holy Mountain.

The trek to the falls take at least 30 minutes and consists of a length of cemented path transitioning to a thick lush forest. When nearing the falls, the trail becomes steep and slippery, and includes crossing a stream that could become dangerous. The rocks, especially the odd reddish ones, are sleek whether you're barefooted or not.
bukal falls laguna
The trek begins on a cemented path 
bukal falls laguna
Transitioning into a thick lush forest
bukal falls laguna
Nearing the falls, one is required to cross a stream
Once at the falls, flat ground is sparse. The area is mostly mossy boulders tucked in the middle of a woodland. There are no rest rooms here. But during our visit, a group had pitched a couple of tents in the little flat surface available there – whether they spent the night or just wanted to improvise since there are no cottages, I did not ask.

bukal falls
The area is mostly mossy boulders tucked in the middle of a woodland. 
bukal falls majayjay laguna
Once at the falls, flat ground is sparse
At any rate, the pools at first glance look like a miniature version of Surigao del Sur's Enchanted River: clear aquamarine water enclosed in a massive mossy alcove. There are actually two basins for swimming. Both are freezing cold and both have the distinctive crystal blue water. The uppermost pool measures 14 feet at its deepest while the other one is more non-swimmer-friendly with parts that are only 5 feet deep. Diving is a very popular activity here, obviously.
bukal falls majayjay laguna
Even from afar, there's no mistaking that blue water
bukal falls majayjay laguna
Clear aquamarine water enclosed in a mossy alcove. This people measures 14 feet at its deepest.
The pool here is more non-swimmer friendly, measuring 5 feet in some parts
bukal falls majayjay laguna
Majestic, isn't it?
Planning your trip? Check out the essential details below!


Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and get off at Pagsawitan or the Majayjay Jeepney Terminal. From here, there are jeepneys bound to Majayjay. Alight at the entryway to Bukal (a cell tower and "Pangil" marker would be your landmarks). From here, take a tricycle to Bukal's barangay hall.

Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle from Pagsawitan that'll take you directly to Brgy. Bukal.

I suggest, though, that you make it this way: Jeepney to Bukal entryway - tricycle to barangay hall - arrange for the tricycle to pick you up at your desired time (especially if you're staying up until late afternoon) - take same tricycle back to Pagsawitan. But if it's still early, you may still opt to catch a Jeepney back to Pagsawitan at the Bukal entry.

If you're coming from Hulugan Falls, take a "Lucban" bound jeepney and alight at the Majayjay-Lucban junvtion. Take another jeepney here that'll take you to Majayjay. Alight at the entry to Brgy. Bukal then take a tricyle. Or, you can take a jeep back to Sta. Cruz and take a Majayjay-bound jeepney at the terminal. 

Another suggestion: If you have a motorcycle, you might want to try this chasing waterfalls adventure.


Bus Fare Sta. Cruz vv Pasay/Cubao - Php90 to Php140 x 2 = est Php280
Jeepney Fare Pagsawitan vv Majayjay - Php23 x 2 = Php46
Tricycle Service (good for 4) = Php600 to Php700
Registration fee - Php20/head
Tour guide - Php100 to Php300 (depending on number of people)


There are no nearby food stalls but bringing of your own food is permitted. You can also bring a portable stove to cook food, but "ihaw-ihaw" is not allowed. Use of charcoal in the area is prohibited. 
Overnight camping is apparently prohibited (would have to confirm this, read above: tent pitching)
Cyclists are allowed to bring their bikes with them on the trail
Including Hulugan, Talay, and Hidden Falls to your itinerary is very possible. Click here and here to know how
Always, always practice the Leave No Trace Policy

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