14 Things That Mean Something Different to Pinoy Adventurers

Friday, December 04, 2015

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Because when we start traveling, things start to take on a much different – and, sometimes, funny – meaning. And so, here are 14 things that seem to mean different to us wanderlusting, adventure-loving, thrill-seeking Pinoys.

1. "Shawl"

What it actually means: a piece of fabric worn, especially by women, around the shoulders in place of a coat

What it means to us: a lightweight all-in-one travel staple, carried by both men and women, used as protection from the sun, wind, and rain; as a blanket during long commutes; to cover up one's bare legs when entering a Southeast Asian temple; as a towel, head- and handkerchief; and to level up an outfit, of course
lang dulay
My friend Kat using her malong to cover her legs during our visit to the wake of Be' Lang Dulay

2. "Assault"

What it actually means: a sudden, violent attack

What it means to us: in mountaineering, a particularly difficult ascent to a steep incline
mount tagapo itinerary
Mount Tagapo - BinangonanYup. That is definitely an assault. 

3. "On a Diet"

What it actually means: cutting off or monitoring one's food intake

What it means to us: occurs when one travels to places that do not serve rice
a meal isn't a proper meal without this
Photo from southeastasianhealth.com

4. "Magnet"

What it actually means: a thing, often a stone, that attracts certain substances like iron

What it means to us: These
souvenir magnets
We won't stop until every inch of our pridyider is covered with these babies

5. "Convert"

What it actually means: to change, transform

What it means to us: to place one's self in some sort of moral dilemma, with regards to spending foreign currency, upon realizing how expensive something is when bought in Philippine Peso
Happy... until you realize it's cheaper to get stuff at home.

6. "Batman"

What it actually means: DC Comics' Caped Crusader

What it means to us: (as well as to the majority of Filipinos) the poor fella that gets drag into the mix when something unplanned happens or when no clear path or answer is discernible; could also be a synonym of destiny, fate, e.g. "Naiwan ako ng eroplano. Oh well, bahala na si Batman."
"How did I get into this mess?"
Photo from passion-stickers.com

7. "Baby Wipes"

What it actually means: a small cloth treated with a cleansing agent, disposable and used for personal hygiene

What it means to us: the difference between maintaining a semblance of personal hygiene and smelling like one had ran a marathon, rolled in mud, then went to a danggit market all in one day
My personal choice of "baby" wipes
Photo from makeupbyixa.wordpress.com

8. "Top Load"

What it actually means: a type of washing machine

What it means to us: the precarious commute on the roof of a jeepney; commonly done in the Cordilleras and other rural parts of the Philippines
top load
On the way to Tinglayan - to the tribal tattoo artist Whang-Od

9. "Take Five"

What it actually means: a shortened version of "take five minutes of rest;" used to indicate a brief pause from an activity

What it means to us: a shortened version of "take five selfies/groufies," often followed by another five more selfies/groufies
mount tagapo
Mount Tagapo. Taking five.

10. "Long Weekend"

What it actually means: occurs when a holiday falls either on a Monday or a Friday or, on rare occasions, both!

What it means to us: 3 to 4 days of endless travel possibilities
You. Are. Welcome
Photo courtesy of wheninmanila.com

11. "Stranger"

What it actually means: a person one hasn't met before

What it means to us: same meaning as other Adventurers' – a friend whom one hasn't said hello to yet
Mount Pamitinan. The other girl on this photo -- the one holding her hand up -- is Adah. We literally just met on this hike. We're good friends now.
Photo courtesy of Adah the Pinay Wanderess

12. "Forever"

What it actually means: without ever ending, eternal

What it means to us: the future SO one hopes to meet during adventures, e.g. "I'll be in Thailand next week. Sana mahanap ko na dun ang Forever ko;" a person with whom one goes on adventures with, e.g. "Kasama ko Forever ko pag punta ko sa Greece."
093015. May forever sa Batanes.

13. "Seat Sale"

What it actually means: when airlines offer hugely discounted tickets

What it means to us: an emotional roller-coaster of sleep-deprivation, frustration, heartbreak, and (hopefully) elation
The most stressful trilogy of all time

and lastly...

14. "Travel Insurance"

What it actually means: an insurance that intends to protect travelers from inconveniences like flight cancellation and baggage loss

What it means to us: that thing that needs to be unchecked or put No on to keep air fares as cheap as possible
That's a 300-peso savings right there!

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