3 Angono Delicacies That You Must Avoid (Or Not)

Friday, December 11, 2015

angono delicacies

When you live in a place where residents are composed of painters, poets, and musicians, it's no longer a surprise when gourmand artists start to pop up in every street.

There's no denying that the food scene in my hometown of Angono is certainly taking a turn for the better. But while cafés and bistros are now dominating the food landscape, some things are just irreplaceable – tastebuds-wise.

There are three delicacies, from the least strange to the most bizarre, that remain a favorite among the locals – which, if you are not as adventurous in food as you are in places, you shouldn't really bother trying.

Or should you?

Well, here they are:

1. Kumanoy

Ok. Let's start with a safe one – a dessert. Angonians love kakanin as much as the next Filipino and here, in the Art Capital, there is one kakanin that beats all the rest.

Meet kumanoy: a sweet, gelatinous mess that is perfect for meryenda.
angono delicacies
The browner it is, the more delicious it becomes
If "milky," "creamy," and "addictive" don't mean anything to you, then, by all means, forego kumanoy.

2. Fried Itik

Ah, fried itik. A deep-fried dish that compels people from neighboring towns to commute (or drive, whatever) to Angono. With its crispy golden brown skin, fried itik is popular during inuman. It has, after all, the makings of a perfect drunk food: greasy, hearty, and flavorful.
angono delicacies
Photo courtesy of www.lifesmytrip.com

If you are contented with your conventional fowls such as the slightly overrated chicken and the highbrow turkey, then stay away from our gastronomic treasure.

3. Balaw-balaw

I won't even try hard on this one. It's fermented rice and shrimp, darn it! The deranged brother of bagoong, complete with rank odor and go-easy-on-the-salt flavor. Often eaten as a side dish or as a dipping sauce, weird (but not the weirdest dish served in the eponymous restaurant, how about that) is the one thing that fully describes this dish.
angono delicacies
Looks yummy, doesn't it? Ha!
You know what, I'll leave this one up to you, adventurer. Have a taste sensation! Try them all, if you like. Dunk a fried itik in balaw-balaw and chase it with kumanoy – I don't care. But do not forget: you have been warned.

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