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Saturday, June 06, 2015

The sky is blue and pregnant with possibilities.

It is June now, almost a month after I turned twenty-three. The leaves remain a vibrant green. The air still crisp and arid. All is stark. Every color unmistakable.

My arms work and my legs have a lot of strides left in them. My decisions are mine and no one else's. I am beginning to own up to them (even if some I'd rather not). My voice is there, soft but still singing. My heart is mangled but strong.

Wounds will heal, scars will fade, and memories, too, may change, but the person that I have become after all that's been said and done – there is value in that.

In spite of the scars and empty spaces left by the past, and the perennial dread spawned by the inexorable uncertainty of the future, it is good to be alive.

Regardless that the joy of the now brings a tiny and quiet fear, it is good to be alive.

The sky is blue and the world is full of adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading mine.


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