Too Much Awesomeness in One Place: Biri Rock Formations, Northern Samar

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

April 9, 2015

The world is awesome.

I know this now.

I've been deliberately subjecting myself to beauty and wonder for almost a year now, and this had brought about powerful changes in both my perception of the world and myself. I couldn't say this enough: I honestly think I've changed for the better. And with each day, I believe I'm closer to being the person I've always imagined myself to be.

My trip to Northern Samar was yet another step to my self-actualization. Not only did this prove that friendships are far stronger than distance, it also assured me that the world will never run out of miracles. There will always be something amazing, something awesome.

I shared this adventure with my bestfriend of more than a decade: Tophe. And it was significantly punctuated with our encounter with the Biri Rock Formations.

A 45-minute boat ride from Lavezares port, these natural wonders will have an effect to even the most cynical person. The municipality of Biri, already shrouded with mystery and mysticism, is made even more fascinating by the existence of the rock formations.
At Lavezares Port
Waiting for the boat to depart
A monument of Virgin Mary saving a man from drowning can be found in the middle of the sea
The Municipal Hall of Biri, right across (not pictured) is the Tourism Office
Once in Biri jetty, there are plenty of habal-habal one can rent and be one's service to and from the rock formations.
We ride!
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Six they were - Caranas, Puhunan, Bel-at, Makadlao, Magsapad, and Magasang. Five of them I've seen up close. It could just be my overactive imagination, but these rocks, to me, seem to have their own personalities. They are all imposing and tolerant at the same time, as if they know of their own grandeur. They seem to compel you into silence, to render you speechless in their presence. I gladly let them steal a number of my precious breaths.
The way to Caranas, Bel-at, and Puhunan Rock Formations is a long wooden bridge lined with mangroves on both sides
Puhunan Rock Formation
Puhunan Rock Formation up close
Highly photogenic rocks! At the Bel-at Rock Formation
Being in their presence, marveling at their sheer enormity and unfathomable construction, have raised my understanding of beauty into a whole new level. In the words of this generation: I was mind-blowned.

Still at the Bel-at Formation. 
Looking out to the Pacific Ocean from the Bel-at Rock Formation
One of the natural pools scattered around Bel-at. The water was so clear.
We hang out with some local kids in another one of the natural pools. This one is the largest, found between Bel-at and Puhunan.
The Rocks in themselves are magnificent, but the views they provide are even more so. The views are essentially the Earth in one picture. All the elements are there. Each scene was a microcosm of the World itself. Too much awesomeness, like I said.
This view is from Bel-at
This one is from Puhunan
This is from Magasang
I told Tophe that it didn't matter that we went a couple of shades darker during our convocation with the Rocks.

"Maputi ka nga, 'di ka naman masaya," I said to him, to which he agreed.
The stone bridge that let to Magasang and Makadlao Rock Formations
Left: Magasang. Right: Makadlao
Photo taken at Magasang, Makadlao in the background
We spent the entire day in awe, contemplating how destructive forces can give birth to an amazing landscape. Ultimately, I related this phenomenon to the human condition. We will never become the best versions of ourselves if we don't allow ourselves to be stripped off of our excesses. We will never become great if we don't bring ourselves into the presence of greatness, of something more powerful than us.

After all, being awed is the first step to being awesome.

For more photos, check out Celineism's Facebook page.

How to Get There
From Catarman, ride a jeepney or bus bound for Allen. Tell the driver/conductor that you'll get off at Lavezares port. Emphasis on Lavezares, since if you just say port, they'll assume it's the one in Allen. From Lavezares, there will be passenger boats waiting at the docks. Ride a boat to take you to Biri. Once in Biri, hire a habal-habal.

Philippine Airline runs daily trips to Catarman. Alternatively, you can take a flight to Tacloban or Calbayog via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airline.

(per pax, unless otherwise stated)
Jeepney Fare (Catarman to Lavezares) - Php50
Boat Fare* (Lavezares to Biri) - Php150
Environmental Fee - Php50
Tourguide (Php300/2pax) - Php150
Habal-habal Rent (Php 180 back and forth/2pax) - Php90
Tip (Php20/2pax) - Php10
Boat Fare** (Lavezares to Biri) - Php250
Bus Fare (Lavezares to Catarman) - Php40

*The two of us paid Php300 for the boat ride to Biri. We shared the expense with other passengers who wanted to leave immediately. Regular fare is Php45/pax.
**We hired the same boat we took to Biri to wait for us and take us back to Lavezares. This cost us Php500.

Tips, Facts, Concerns, and Reminders
There are several accommodations in Biri, so staying for more than one day is possible. Here are a couple of places one can stay in:
Glenda's Bed n' Breakfast
+63 9 26 743 5479

Biri Resort and Dive Center
+63 9 99 682 0565

Cheers to the next adventure!

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