The Cagsawa Ruins and the Perks of Having Good Karma

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The ruins of the Belfry of Cagsawa Church
March 28, 2015

"May napanuod akong documentary about sa Amazon Forest," I had told Kaye and Archie during our boat ride across Lake Bulusan. "Sabi nung host, kapag raw maraming wildlife ang nagpakita sa'yo, meron kang good karma."
I had brought that up because we've been welcomed by several species of birds and a pair of monkeys during our visit to that magical place. At that point, I had started to believe that all the frustration and heartbreak we'd endured the last school year had finally amounted to something.

This belief became more concrete when we went to Cagsawa Ruins in Legazpi, Albay.
The actual park is a fifteen-minute walk from this marker
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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sky was blue and everything looked crisp and in full saturation. The park had quite a number of visitors that day but it didn't deter us in our quest for the perfect shot.

And here's where good karma came in.

On that one afternoon in March, the Mayon revealed its imposing magnificence to us. Unimpeded, not a hint of cloud or smoke across the Perfect Cone.
Postcard worthy! Well, almost.
I see fields of green and a Perfect Cone
Mayon truly is perfect, isn't it?
via Kaye Samson
This was a big deal. I've been to the Cagsawa Ruins many times but that day had the clearest view of Mount Mayon that I've had so far. Mayon is usually shy, choosing to hide itself behind wisps of clouds and residual smoke. On that day, though, for many times, it bared it all, and it was astounding.

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Ah, well, in this shot the Mayon got shy again.
But our stroke of good luck didn't stop there. We did some pasalubong shopping and scored neat discounts for several cool items.
This is where we bought our souvenirs. It's located in the farthest part of the park. It's easy to spot because it's the lone souvenir stall in this area.
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Also, while we were moseying around the actual ruins, we happened upon a performance by Bicolano youths. It was a quick musical with the iconic ruins of the belfry as the stage. The title was "Kahel." It was very entertaining and all of us expressed our gladness that these young people have found something meaningful to do this summer. We also thought that the actors would be good at reporting lessons since they've learned proper voice modulation. Ah, once a teacher always a teacher.
We were a couple of steps from "Kahel"
At any rate, even after the show, Mount Mayon remained unobstructed. To celebrate our abundance of good karma, Archie treated us with the quintessential Pinoy summer treat: halo-halo.
Halo-halo with cheese and stick-o
via Kaye Samson
We felt so at ease with the place and got so deep in conversation that we lost track of time. Darkness was starting to take over. Still, the Mayon is in full view.

As we ride back to Bacon, I realized I've found another reason to be kind.

Having good karma pays off big time!
Buwis-buhay jump shot

For more photos, check out Celineism's Facebook page.

How to Get There
From Cubao Bus Terminal (near Shopwise), there are buses bound for Sorsogon. St. Martha Bus Line, and Elavil both have daily trips to Sorsogon. Get off at Sorsogon Town Proper. From here, walk to SM Savemore. In front of it will be a van terminal. Ride a van bound to Daraga. Tell the driver that you'll get off at LCC Daraga. From here, ride a jeepney bound for Camalig. The Cagsawa Ruins will be along the way. Ride a tricycle or walk to the park.

To get back to Sorsogon, ride a tricycle or walk back to highway. Cross the street and ride a jeepney to "Shell". Here, there will be buses and jeepneys to Sorsogon.

(per pax, unless otherwise stated)
Bus Fare (regular, non air-conditioned, one way) - Php700
Van Fare (Sorsogon to Daraga) - Php85
Jeepney Fare (LCC Daraga to Cagsawa Ruins) - Php8
Entrance Fee (Cagsawa Ruins Park) -  Php10
Jeepney Fare (Cagsawa Ruins to Shell) - Php9
Bus Fare (Shell to Sorsogon) - Php74

Tips, Facts, Reminders, and Concerns
There is more than enough space for parking.
There are also lots of pasalubong stalls.
One can also go for an ATV ride. Providers are situated outside the park area.


Cheers to the next adventure!

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  1. Cool photos! Ligao side has a more perfect side of the side. ^_^

  2. Cool Photos! Ligao side has a more perfect side of the cone. ^_^

  3. Hey, Kat! Thank you. Is Ligao where Mayon Resthouse is located? :)

  4. Ay hindi po. Malapit sya sa may Mayon Crossing sa Buang, Tabaco, dun daanan to the resthouse.