A Motorcycle and P1,000 to See Some of Antipolo's Tourist Destinations? Challenge Accepted!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm going to bring it up again: centrifugalism

My, Celine, what is that nonsensical made-up word? Well, first of all: it is most definitely not nonsensical. But, yes, it is made-up. And to answer your question, centrifugalism is a celineistic idea that everything should start from within - like a flower that blooms, like the sun with its rays. You want change in this world? Start with yourself. Want to be a traveler? Start in your own backyard. Bam! That's centrifugalism. Sure, it sounds a lot like a distinct manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But, you know, whatever.

Anyway, centrifugalism. I brought this up because of Antipolo's proximity to my home turf. 

Ah, Antipolo. You are forever immortalized by that catchy folk song everybody seems to know. In addition to this, you are a mere 25 kilometers east of Manila, which means you are a favorite quick-escape. I've always wanted to know you better. And I think I may have already done just that.

Yesterday, January 17, Dennis and I went on a motorcycle roadtrip in Antipolo. I must say, I've gotten really good with directions eversince I started driving. Navigating is no longer hard for me. I just do a quick search on Google Maps, ask locals when in doubt, and follow my instincts. The real challenge was this: to spend not more than a thousand pesos

Can we do it? Of course, we can!
Antipolo roadtrip
We like to do it unorthodox.
The first thing we did was to load up on gas. I paid Php85.00 for the fuel

Total Expenditure: Php85.00

Our first stop is the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Or to make it simple: the Antipolo Cathedral. This church is a popular Visita Iglesia destination for Catholics during Holy Week. Pilgrims flock to this century-old church regularly.
The Antipolo Cathedral in early light
Another shot of the church facade
Vendors, from those selling the usual sampaguita to those peddling kitschy toys, serve as a welcoming committee. I decided to buy candles and a sampaguita lei mainly to help out the locals. (I'm not really into praying.)
Outside the Antipolo Church
Candles for wishes and thanks
The little girl was so delighted by the bubbles.
Balloons in all shapes and sizes
We walked inside and found that a mass was taking place. We stayed until it was finished, which was something because I haven't attended mass in a very long time. Not even last Christmas.
Church altar and ceiling
I must say, the architecture is very beautiful.
After hearing mass (more like standing there and not paying attention), we bought suman (Php100/9pcs) and kasoy (Php150/glassful) from one of the stalls around the church. 

Total Expenditure: Php335.00 

Next, we went to the famous Hinulugang Taktak. Unfortunately, the National Park is currently under renovation. The people in-charge were nice enough to let us in to get a quick pic of the falls, though. Yay!
Let the waters rage on.
The Hinulugang Taktak National Park will reopen to public on Valentines Day. 

Next, we headed to Pinto Art Museum.
The Entrance
The Pinto Art Museum (formerly Pinto Art Gallery) is located inside Grand Heights Subdivision. It is owned by one Dr. Joven Cuanang. It is a 1.2 hectare property with buildings that remind me of Greece. White-washed walls, all-cement structures, and airy spaces are some of Pinto's features. It gave me some ideas for my dream house.
Now, I'm quite familiar with art. I'm from Angono, after all, where art is everywhere. I like looking at artworks, perusing them, because they give me inspiration. I have yet to see a painting or a sculpture that hasn't stirred up my imagination. And stirrings of the imagination was what I got from Pinto Art Museum's collection. Lots of them. I kept muttering, "That's a story waiting to be written down." I will be writing short pieces inspired by some of the things I saw here.

The collection is vast and eclectic. You'll lose track of time because of the number and how interesting all the displays are. 
There's Whang-Od in the background
The rocks were part of the original landscape
I love how airy the place is.
One particular artwork that I found interesting was this piece:
It looked like a negative and Dennis then had this brilliant idea of using the "negative filter" on his smartphone's camera and this was the result:
Cool, eh?
I didn't take note of who the artist was but hats off to whoever you are! We saw what you did there and it was very clever.

One of the exhibits inside Pinto also left an impression. It was called "The Forest". There was a "Quiet" sign at the door and when we peeked through the entrance, we saw a dark room and inside was a replica of a bamboo forest. The only sources of light were the pools of water strategically placed to create rippling reflections across the room. It was a little eerie at first but it turned out to be a calming experience.
The water in the pool created a disconcerting rippling reflection
Water trickled to the pool from a suspended rock
The Pinto Art Museum is indeed a fascinating place. There are many visual treats that even the most non-hipster folk would enjoy.
The mandatory "artistic" shot
The entrance fee to the museum is Php150/person. Plus a Php20 residential fee. Check out Pinto Art Museum's Facebook page for more info. 

Total Expenditure: Php655.00

It was almost lunch when we left Pinto Art Museum. So, to cap off our Antipolo Roadtrip, we went to find a place to eat. 
We found this grill along the road: Ihawan ni Angelo. Apparently, it was owned by one of the contestants in Junior Materchef Pinoy edition. How about that. Smart business choice because one can never go wrong with grilled meat. For example: The Grill 408

At any rate, we had a classic meal consisting of inihaw na liempo, 2 sticks of pork barbecue, 3 cups of rice, and sago't gulaman for refreshments. 

'Twas a humble meal, but it was really filling.
Total cost of our lunch? A mere Php221.00!

So moment of truth:

Total Expenditure: Php926.00

Yep, we've managed to go on a roadtrip a la Motorcyle Diaries and spend under a thousand pesos!


Cheers to the next adventure!

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