15 Things I Am Determined to Accomplish in 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Despite the snarky Facebook statuses, the eye-rolling, and all the hipster-ish brouhaha about New Year's Resolutions, I think, deep own inside, we all crave for a fresh start. As they say: 365 days, 365 chances. (Unless it's a leap year.)

I find that making lists works for me. I become more productive when I list down the things I need to do. When packing for an adventure, I list down the things that I need to bring and check them off as they go inside the bag. The result: I don't forget anything essential. So, to make my 2015 a little more challenging, I am making this list as a complementary list to the list of all lists: my Bucket List. Too many of the word "list" in one paragraph. Whew!

Same time next year, I will assess how much I stayed true. And how much I didn't.

15 Things I Am Determined to Accomplish for 2015

1. Ride my bike for at least 10 minutes every day. Because I truly enjoy this form of exercise. 
2. Be in bed by 8PM; asleep by 9PM. No sense in staying up late if it's only to scroll through my Facebook Newsfeed.
3. Get up every day before 8AM. Yep, I'll be a morning person for 2015.
4. Complete at least 50% of 9gag's 2015 Reading Challenge. Of course, I'll be aiming for a hundred percent. 

5. Do a plank before I sleep and right after I wake up. I feel so strong after doing it!
6. No more sodas! I am swearing off Cola and its kin for all eternity.
You bet!
via thecubiclechick.com
7. Limit my chichirya intake to once a month. This includes popcorn.
8. Go on adventures at least once a month. Let's make it official.
9. Update my blog at least twice a week. You'll be reading more of my writings this year.
10. Prepare a meal at least once a week. This intimidates me a little bit.
11. At least once a week, high-five a random stranger. It'll be so much fun. Hehehehe.
Doing it like this is optional.
via northdelawhere.happeningmag.com
12. Travel to Visayas and/or Mindanao. This is actually one of my priorities.
13. Allow myself to back-out on a plan or cancel a commitment just once. Because nothing is more maddening than a trip that did not come true.
14. Return to a place I visited in 2014. Sorsogon does not count.
15. Write someone a letter. You know, a real one. On paper.

That's it! That's my list. How about you? What are the things you want to do this 2015?

Cheers to the next adventure!

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  1. Girl, I remember you from the picture you are using. You are one batch younger than I am, right? JGES? Hello!
    If you are determined to accomplish the numbers above, join my trips and I'll join yours din. #8 and #12 are also part of my 2015 list. :)

  2. Hi, Camille!
    Yes, that's right. Wow, thanks for remembering. I do remember you too! Hooray!

    I would love to join you on your escapades,whether it be of gastronomic, cultural, or adrenaline-inducing nature. I'm game! I'll friend you on Facebook. :)

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, btw. :)


  3. HAHAHA! Saw one of your articles sa Choose Philippines, then I thought you look familiar. Ikaw nga!

  4. Oh, wow. My article on Choose Philippines? About what? Astig naman. Hehe.

    So, going back to accomplishing #8 and #12. Where are you off to next? :)

  5. Cebu on Feb. Leyte-Samar on April (dito ka sumama, if you want) with random friends. Hehe