Girl's Night Out at Zark's Eastwood

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 14, 2014

I've been to Zark's Burgers and Fries in Katipunan and I had a great time. Last Friday night, another burger adventure took place at Zark's - only this time, it was in the Eastwood branch.

This gastronomic fare was spent with my girls Camille, Cat, Jeaselle, and Krizia.

So... Enough about that. Here we go.


Tucked in one corner of Eastwood City, Zark's dining area is mostly outdoors. Their indoor dining is nothing but a narrow strip of closet space. Interestingly, no mosquitoes were encountered during our foodscapade.


We went carbo-loading during our Zark's food trip, which is only fitting - considering burgers are Zark's specialty.

Three Pointer (Php135 ala carte)

This burger features three kinds of cheese, and that means it will probably bring you into a cheese coma. I was able to have a bite of it and it was very tasty. The cheeses were still distinct, but they did not overpower the taste of the patty. Thumbs up!

Zark's Ultimate Burger (Php 140 ala carte)

Just the look of this burger made my mouth water. The consensus among the group was this looked like the most photogenic burger. The picture up there doesn't even do it justice. As to the taste... Well, let me tell you one thing: it has BACON. I shall leave it at that.
Black Mamba (Php 135 ala carte)

I wasn't able to really taste this particular burger, but I do remember liking the barbecue sauce that came with it. Plus, Krizia seemed to enjoy it. So, yay!

Bourbon Burger (Php140 ala carte)

This burger is topped with mushroom and comes with a bourbon-infused barbecue sauce. I loved how the kick of the bourbon balanced out the tang of the sauce. It was very interesting. Glad I didn't get tipsy so early in the night. But it was definitely a fun take on a burger.

Buffalo Sandwich with Fries (Php 125)

This was actually my favorite. I'm glad Cat, who doesn't eat beef, ordered this. It's a less greasy option and, I'd like to think, a healthier one. But, let's be honest, this is just another attempt to make the entire concept of Zark's appear less vulgar (and I mean that in the best way possible). The buffalo wings were spicy - a little too spicy, at times - but they remain flavorful which was a delight. It is very rarely that something hot and spicy tastes other than hot and spicy. So, kudos to whoever made the recipe!


If you want to have fries and an iced tea with your burgers, just add Php30.00. 

Photos courtesy of Jeaselle and Krizzia


The service here was more than decent. Serving time is within the acceptable bounds. Response time to extra tissue and water requests is very good. Servers are polite and very patient. Five stars!


Although I do think that the burgers from Frank and Charles are better-tasting and less greasy, I still think that one must give Zark's a try at least once in one's lifetime. Because, come on, sometimes, we need a little bit more grease in our lives. 


Zark's Burgers Eastwood
Address: Eastwood City Walk 2, Libis, Quezon City
Contact Numbers: +63906 202 8834 / +632 570 0585

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday - 7AM to 3AM
Services: Dine-in / Take-out; No delivery; Outdoor seating

Modes of Payment: Cash Only

Parking: Mall parking


Cheers to the next adventure!

With the girls

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  1. Hi, Nicole. Oh, did you mean the Burger from Hell? I also had that it was sooooo hot. I was sweating from every pores. Hehe. I like the Jawbreaker, too. Although, I'm not planning to take on the Jawbreaker Challenge anytime soon. :)

    Right back at you, Nicole! See you again soon. :)