When Trattoria Emilia-Romagna Left a Lasting Impression

Saturday, October 18, 2014

UPDATE: As of March 2015, this establishment had closed down.
Update: November 5, 2014. New photos. Pappardelle and Pizza Salsiccia reviewed!

October 15, 2014

Mounted on a motorcycle, one Tuesday at dusk, was when I first saw it. Amidst the cacophony of honks and faulty brakes, despite and, perhaps, in spite of the mental and physical exhaustion brought about by the past few weeks, the gleam of Trattoria Emilia-Romagna had appeared to me like a beacon to a ship lost at sea.

On my way to my CPE class in URS Angono, I had caught a glimpse of a protruding glowing signage. I had eased on the gas, narrowing my eyes to make out what it said. When I had realized it was a foodscape, it automatically went into my inventory of foodscapes to review. 

I am honored to conduct this food review with a fellow gastronome and long-time friend: Eli of www.elishadenisse15.blogspot.com, who was kind enough to lend me her photos. (Thank you, Elibelle!)

So here is another gastronomic adventure.


Before we begin, I hope no one minds if I start referring to this place simply as Trattoria. Alright, no objections. Carry on.

The reconstruction of the bridge along the main road to Angono's town proper had been treated as a blessing by very few people (and establishments). I must say, Trattoria definitely benefited from the rerouting. Trattoria's signage is hard to miss when you're taking the detour. It is even harder to ignore at night, when the signage's lights are on.

Located along an alley that can only accommodate bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles, Trattoria is another one of those "garage restaurants". 

The facade had not entirely abandoned its residential former self, as evidenced by the gates and the second-floor balcony. Notwithstanding, I find Trattoria's face rather lovely. I like how it looked in the early evening light. Romantic. I must see it when there is still daylight.

Walk inside the place and several wooden tables and chairs will greet you. Ambient lighting provides a mellow mood. Kind of intimate, I think. The ceilings were improvised trellis - at least I think they are. The walls were a simple white - although I can't be sure since the lighting made it hard to distinguish colors; also, there is a slight chance that I might be colorblind. 


Then there is the counter where an empty cake shelf is located. And overhead is a chalkboard where selected items from the menu are written beautifully.

I love the vibes of Trattoria. It's very relaxing. I didn't feel pressured to leave. I feel welcome, for some reason. And that is usually a good thing, yes?


For my third foodie date with Eli, we had a wonderful Italian meal.

Strawberry Frost and Green Apple Frost (Php45 each)
Mason jars

I love everything strawberry! But I liked the Green Apple Frost better. Both beverages were decent but the Green Apple one was tastier. These were not too sweet; they were actually refreshing, and not at all cloying. The complementary bread appetizer was also not bad.

Fettuccine in Beef and Pork Ragu (Php145 Solo; Php190 Regular; Php370 Sharing)
Italian pasta

Finally! A decent pasta dish within reach! Although a bit on the pricey spectrum, this hand-pulled fettuccine smothered in meaty beef and pork ragu sauce, took me by surprise. It was, indeed, meaty! The pasta had a nice bite to it. It was obvious that the ingredients were fresh and, as Eli observed, the chef was not stingy with them.

I loved it! I can almost hear the Carnival of Venice playing in the background. It was that good.

Pizza Calzone (Php290)

According to our server, this pizza was one of their best sellers. And call Eli and us gullible, but we believed him. And it was easy to know why. The pizza calzone is stuffed with ham, sausage, mushrooms and arugula. Everything tasted expensive! You cannot mistake it for being store-bought, I tell you.

Here is what the stuffing look like:

The mere photo of the pizza calzone leaves me salivating. I wonder what kind of sausage was used. Kielbasa, perhaps? Or maybe nurnbergers?

No matter. thumbs up for this dish!

Boston Creme Pie (Php80)
Trattoria Dessert

While taking on this dish, Monde's Fluffy Mamon came to mind. I don't know, the pie tasted that way to me. I told Eli about it and she almost agreed, confirming my suspicion that the Fluffy Mamon was used for this dessert. But I took it back, pointing out that peeling the mamon from the wrapper would leave markings on the side. While this dish was ok, I think I prefer Boston Creme Doughnut better.

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php90)

Good lord, this dish. Believe me, even better than Starbuck's! What I love most about Trattoria's Blueberry Cheesecake is the flavorful crust. Eating this was a perfect end to our fine Italian meal.

Update: November 5, 2014

Pizza Salsiccia - 3-sausage Pizza (Php300)

Hands down! Best pizza in town! I love the texture of the crust. It isn't papery and grainy. I tasted a layer of butter which sent this dish to Celine's Pizza Hall of Fame. The sausages have different flavors - from sweet to garlicky - but, by some kitchen alchemy, they all came together in happy symphony of flavors. Highly recommended (especially for carnivores)!

Pappardelle alla Romagnolo (Php90 solo; Php120 regular; Php230 sharing) 

I have only good things to say about Trattoria's pasta, and the Pappardelle had done nothing but solidify my belief that this foodscape is the best place to get your daily dose of carbs. The pasta is cooked to perfection. The flavors of the sauce were all in harmony which makes me wonder what kind of sorcery is happening in Trattoria's kitchen. Although I like the Fettuccine in Beef and Pork Ragu more, the Pappardelle will still leave even the most hardcore pasta aficionado thoroughly satisfied. 

In all truthfulness, I was not expecting Trattoria's food to be this good. They were delicious and I was very impressed. Compliments to the chef!

Check out the rest of the menu on their Facebook page.


We had to wait out for the food, but the long wait was definitely worth it. Our entrees were still hot when it reached our table and I was glad for it. I get peeved when I had to wait and then get served with cold food. Furthermore, I applaud sir John Miranda (I hope I get his name right) for being a hands-on owner. While another server took our orders, he personally served them to us. I also want to give the chef a high-five for the wonderful dinner we had. Trattoria will be seeing a lot of me in the days to come.


Yay! Another quality foodscape in Angono! Trattoria is so accessible, I worry about my financial management. I might not be able to control myself from splurging on authentic Italian goodness. Well, I could always ask Eli to treat me next time. 

When riding a jeepney to Angono, get off at the plaza. You'll find the gymnasium close by. Beside the gym, there is a tricycle terminal. Don't ride a tricycle. Hehe. Just ply the street parallel to the terminal. Trattoria will be on your left.

Address: 213 E. Rodriguez St. Brgy. Sto. Nino Angono, Rizal
Contact numbers: 651-0073

Services; Dine-in, Take-out, Delivery
Parking: Street
Modes of Payment: Cash only


Cheers to the next adventure!

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  1. Hi Celine! First of all thanks for leaving a comment on my humble blog. I love how you recount your experience at Trattoria. I do agree with every description you made, I have yet to taste their blueberry cheesecake! I also hope to chance upon you at one of the foodtrip places in Angono, one day. It's a great pleasure meeting you! :)

    1. You have got to try the blueberry cheesecake! 'Twas heavenly. :) Thank you for dropping by! Let's do a joint-review one of these days. Deal? :)

  2. Oh okay... hihihi.

    The reason why I didn't order a blueberry cheesecake at Trattoria (although available siya nung time na yun) was that I've tasted blueberry cheesecakes before (from Kim Is Hungry and Cafe Venir Aqui, both in Angono din). Kaya ung ibang desserts muna ang gusto kong tikman sa Trattoria. When I come back there again, I'll try their blueberry cheesecake this time. :)

    1. Oh, I see. Hehehe. Satiating in Blueberry Cheesecake, are we? :) Next time then. :)

      Ingat! :)