Snacking at The Food Factory, Angono, Rizal

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Angono, Rizal

Update, 10/12/14: I have been informed by the owners of this establishment that it is presently in the "soft-opening" phase, thus the work-in-progress vibe. The owners were kind enough to invite me to the grand opening in November. I will be conducting a more thorough review then. As for you, dear readers, given these facts, please be more understanding (than I was) when visiting The Food Factory. Thanks!

October 5, 2014

It began one Thursday afternoon, when I was walking along the street that led to the University of Rizal System - Angono campus. I was lugging a bunch of stuffs, including my professorial knickknacks, when a man approached me and handed me a flyer. "Celine, right?" were his exact words. My reply was: Yeah, do I know you? To be fair, I did know him. That was just my automatic response; couldn't help it. The man was a high school batch mate named, I think, Kenneth. While I was having a mental grapple with my memory, Kenneth told me about the flyer he was handing out. Apparently, another restaurant had opened in Angono. It was called "The Food Factory". I asked him if he was the owner. He quickly answered no, explaining he was just the chef/server. I nodded and excused myself. I had to go because I was already late for class, but I promised him I'd come by and visit soon.
This happened a month ago. And because other things had me on their grips this past few weeks, I had only managed to come by last Sunday.

I woke up late that day, because who wouldn't? And had foregone breakfast and lunch. Seeing that we didn't really have anything on our house decent enough for a meal, Dennis and I decided to head out to Angono's town proper to look for something to eat. As I hop on my Ate Ingrid's Honda Wave (which, by the inherent transitiveness of familial relations and regularity of usage, is my Honda Wave), I suggested we try The Food Factory.

So we did, and here's a review.

The Food Factory is another one of those "garage restaurants". Located amidst residential houses, the only thing that would give away this quaint foodscape are the wide-open gates. 

Hm. For a place advertised on Facebook as "fine-dining", that tarpaulin signage up there looked, for lack of a better word, cheap. They could have just placed these better-looking letter cut-outs out there in front instead of that clumsy tarpaulin:

The place also tries to incorporate Angono pride by installing works of art, like the one you see on the picture above. But the walls were still a little too bare. The ambiance was too "neutral", as if torn between chaotic organized and organized chaos. The resulting "design" appeared as though some thought was put into it but then whoever was in charge got lazy and said, "meh".

I got the impression that the Food Factory is still a work-in-progress, as far as the venue goes. It better be, because if the owner/s think this will pass as a decent foodscape, I seriously recommend hiring a new interior designer/floor planner. A paint job and a little landscaping here and there will bring this place to a whole new level.

It was a little past 3PM when we arrived at the Food Factory, so our meal just consisted of "snacks", at least to us.
White sauce fettuccine
Fettuccine in creamy white sauce, with bacon, mushroom, and Parmesan.

It would've been better if this dish was served hot. And considering the time we had to wait, I expected it to be so. But it wasn't, so boo.

At any rate, it was still a decent pasta dish. The fettuccine had a nice bite to it. The sauce was yummy. It was a little messy to eat, though. White sauce splashed each time I took a bite. But that could just be my clumsiness and my lack of poise.

Cordon Bleu burger with french fries
As a whole dish, this was delicious. Not your average burger. Dennis and I liked it. Buuuuuuut, half of the bun we had was charred. So, thumbs down! And the meager serving of fries was a little disappointing. We were expecting a lot more for an additional Php15.00.

Red Iced Tea
Oh, heavens. The accumulated sugar on the bottom of this beverage was enough to induce a diabetic into a coma. Sigh. People, people, remember: Stir thoroughly. 


I've forgotten how much those cost. I also neglected to take a photo of the menu. So, I need to come back to this place. I'll make sure proper authorities read this review so improvements are made before my next visit. I know that sounds arrogant, but I write for continuous improvement. I teach and am an advocate of Total Quality Management, after all.

I saw some photos on the Food Factory's Facebook page of the chef/s wearing a proper chef's attire. But this was not the case during our visit. False advertisement is really a sore spot for me, so don't mistake this for nitpicking. I hate inconsistencies when it comes to standards.

The server, my batch mate Kenneth, was very polite, but we had a small dilemma regarding our change. Nevertheless, it was no big deal.

We were the only diners during that time and I took some offense at the amount of time we had to wait out. The temperature of the dishes had not, in any way, done justice to the waiting time.

I sure hope this isn't one of those instances of half-ass service because it wasn't peak hours.

I really love the Cordon Bleu Burger. It was still delicious despite the almost singed bun half. I try to be patient when it comes to food service, as I have experienced being on their side before, but the charred bun incident is unacceptable. I am expecting to be served perfect buns next time.

The concept of the Food Factory is very interesting and I'm sure they are more than capable of delivering quality and delicious food. And while I am happy that another foodscape has been born in my hometown of Angono, I implore the owners of the Food Factory to take some more time in developing the menu, the place, and the quality of service. Consistency is key. Aesthetics counts. Quality is what keeps customers coming back. I will check back for improvements very soon.

Ride a jeepney bound for Angono and get off at Angono Elementary School, or "Central". You will see a statue of a lady setting free a set of doves on a street corner. Walk along the sloping street and make a right. Walk a little more, and take the first left. Look for gates wide open. That's it.

Address: #3 Villaluz Street, Angono, Rizal

Contact nos. : +63923-922-4732

Facebook Page; The Food Factory

Operating Hours: 3PM - 12MN (Soft Opening hours; final business hours will be announced on November)

Services: Dine-in, Take-out, Delivery

Parking: Street

Modes of Payment: Cash only


Cheers to the next adventure! 

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