On Power-voting and Going on a Journey to Make a Difference

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who knew that one spur-of-the-moment decision to watch TV late on a weeknight could lead to a journey of a lifetime?

I've learned that the first step into winning something is to go for it. When I saw Green Cross's TV ad for the Do Good, Get Dirty campaign, I'd decided I'd give it a shot.

One shot was all it took.

I've submitted my 15-second video a day before the cutoff. I filmed it in Lake Pandin - intentionally, I should note. How else can you showcase your willingness to do good while getting dirty other than actually being out there and doing it?

It was a simple video - as far as videos go these days. Just me in a bright orange life vest, on the edge of a bamboo raft, declaring that I deserve to win because I enjoy getting dirty and want to do good on a larger scale. I had "Tell the World" playing in the background, and the highlight was me jumping into Pandin's waters.

Simple as it may be, lacking effects and high quality resolution, I was chosen as one of the Top 20. Out of thousands of entries, people from Green Cross, Rajah Travel, and Gallardo and Associates somehow decided I had what it takes.

Then the voting period started. Many hours of sleep had been lost  from anxiety - both from dreading the rankings and from school matters and other commitments. I was metaphorically on the edge of my seat.

I almost didn't  make it.

Gripped by an overwhelming sense of desire and fueled by nothing but adrenaline, I had rallied my family and friends (and their friends) on the last day of voting - giving birth to the tacky hashtag #powervoteCeline. The last-minute bayanihan worked,

Sometimes, all you really have to do is ask.

The second best part of this experience? I was able to reconnect with old friends and make stronger ties with new ones. The best part of it all, of course, is this:

I am one of the Nine.

Now, I am a few hours away from this once in a lifetime journey.Together with the rest of the Green Cross Advocates, I will make this one a memorable and meaningful trip.

We shall make a change.

I will make this deed worth every vote, every support, every help I've received. I will make everyone who believed in me proud.

Thank you, all.

Cheers to this adventure!
Do Good, Get Dirty

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