Dreams, Desires, and Deities

Friday, October 03, 2014

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I find it hard to write these days. Not because I'm running out of ideas (the only time that'll happen is when I'm dead. And I'm immortal. So, no) but because I simply have other things to do. Said things are not necessarily more important. Said things, at the time and for some reason that I still can't accept, were a priority. Apparently.

At any rate, certain needs or desires such as the need to write certain ideas down will always become so compelling that one cannot simply deny it. You may suppress it any way you want, but it'll ultimately triumph. In truth, you have little control, (maybe none at all), over such desires that you are left with no choice but to obey. And every one of us knows this.

We are but slaves to our desires. 

I rephrase aforementioned statement with the hope that you'll think of me fondly as a dissenter. 

We are but slaves to our dreams.

I've grown the habit of calling my dreams my Personal Legends. It is a term coined by one of the few writers who has Celine's Seal of Approval, Paulo Coelho. I first encountered it on his book, The Alchemist. If you haven't read it still, then you should. Anyway, my Personal Legends are, come to think of it, sort of like a god. You know, the kind of god (for there are many kinds of gods) that runs our lives, guides us, rewards us, punishes us, fucks us, toys with us, etc. Think about it: those are exactly what our dreams—our desires—do. I am horrified to come to the realization that saying, "I will follow my dreams" is akin to saying, " I will follow my god". I shiver at the thought. 

Regardless, a god exists without actually existing. It is a noncorporeal form that tugs at our hearts and our souls. A god’s existence can only be proved by its effect on the one human being it still cares to influence.

If at any chance you find yourself nodding whilst reading the preceded sentences, do me a favor and replace the word “god” with “dream” or “desire” (whichever floats your boat). (I used the pronoun “it” because I find it is the safest to use.) I’m quite sure that you will still find yourself nodding at the altered statements. Why? Because it makes sense to you, and you somehow know that gods and dreams and desires are one and the same.

Gods and dreams, they shape our lives. Every action, every choice, we make because they demand it. We are kept on course or led astray as a result of their whims. They both require us to be brave, to persevere, to be kind, and to atone. They lay down the rules, no way to question them or negotiate. If you want happiness, make some sacrifice and do what they say. Or if you don’t, you are punished with all the escaped contents of Pandora’s Box, and will end up in hell. (What kind of hell depends on one’s preferences.) They are our basis of a life lived well. And when all of it is over, we will either thank them for a legacy or curse them for an oblivion.

These variant forms—dreams, desires, and deities—these are the names of the masters of men.

Originally posted on Facebook. August 18, 2012.

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