Wings on the Go: Home of the Best* Buffalo Wings in Angono

Monday, September 01, 2014

Update: October 19, 2014. New photos. Rock n' Roll Burger and Green Salad reviewed!
Update: November 16, 2014. New photos. Belly Flop and Chicken Barbecue with Potato Wedge reviewed!

Since the weather has been relentlessly uncooperative to make any travel adventures, I have, instead, been going on adventures that are gustatory in nature. As an unfortunate result, my firm abdomen - a beautiful consequence of many months of conquering peaks and being all over the place - is gradually reverting to its true flabby form. Well, that's the bad news. The good news is I am thrilled to discover the numerous foodscapes in my hometown of Angono that are waiting to be Celineismed. So to herald the list of Angono-based foodscapes, here's Wings on the Go!

I've first heard about this place from my good friend Anne, who mentioned it when we went out for lunch last July. But it was only very recently that I was able to dig around Facebook to find out more about this place. (Thank goodness for social media!)

For dinner last Saturday, August 30, Dennis and I decided to try out the much talked about chicken wings.

Well, Wings on the Go only does pick-ups and deliveries. No place for dining in.

When Dennis and I roamed around the streets of Angono's Town Proper, we've found that the place is a literal residential house. So, they weren't kidding with the home-made claim. 

I, for one, find a certain appeal to this kind of set-up. I think it might be the impression of being so conscious of quality that there is no time for the hullabaloos of a physical dining place. Or it could be the sense of having a meal made especially for you, sort of like when a friend or a loved-one cooks something because you requested it.

Truthfully? I won't mind if they keep this set-up.

Just to add a little suspense, let's begin with... 

El Nachooo! (Php90)

An order of El Nachooo! is enough for two persons. And I very much enjoyed this. I most especially love the nachos, because they are not the ordinary ones that taste like paper. They are already flavored, like Mr. Chips or Humpy Dumpy, so eating them on their own is already good. The dip makes it noticeably better, and if you like salads, you'll enjoy eating the nachos with the hodge-podge of meat, corn, lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

I did.

No wonder it's one of their best sellers.

Buffalo Wings (Php80 - 4 pcs; Php150 - 8 pcs; Php230 - 12 pcs)

No more beating around the bush: this is one of the best chicken wings I've had so far. It's a completely different genre as compared to Cafe Lidia's, but Dennis and I loved it all the same. It has the right amount of tang in it, an undertone of spiciness and a prevalent sweetness that seems to pull you in and push you right back just when you're about to reach the edge of deliciousness. As a result, you'll want more.

A simple way to describe it would be sweet and spicy, but that's doing it no justice.

The sauce tastes a bit like the dipping sauce for kwek-kwek - which I love - and the amount of it on the wings is very generous. The chicken wings were also breaded evenly and cooked just right. It sure is worth the 30-minute wait. I prefer it over Frank and Charles' barbecue wings. Taste- and price-wise. Even Papa loved it.

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Rock n' Roll Burger (Php140)

A quarter pounder burger with veggies, peanut sauce, fried egg, mushroom, and bacon.

The most remarkable thing about this burger was the patty. The flavors reminded me of longanisa and tocino, which I both love. Though I don't like how the meat seemed to fall apart and I find the peanut sauce a little weird, I still had a blast devouring it - which is really something, considering I already had the Green Salad earlier.

Speaking of which...

Green Salad with Grilled Chicken and Bacon (Php90)

Let me just say it: I LOVE THIIISSSSS!!!! Yuuuummm!

The vegetables tasted fresh, the grilled chicken was flavorful, and the dressing was perfect and made everything come together. The little pieces of croutons added a nice bite. Even Dennis, who is not a fan of vegetables, enjoyed it. It was all gone in a matter of minutes! Well, except for the onions (I don't like onions). Next time, I'll ask if it's alright to go sans onions. (Update: it is, just indicate your special request when you order.) :)

Belly Flop (Php90 without bacon; Php100 with bacon)

Belly flop has grilled pork belly sandwiched in lettuce, bacon, and onions. It is one of the best-tasting sandwich I ever had! The grilled meat was intensely flavorful. The pork belly was truly the star of this dish and I love it!

Chicken Barbecue with Potato Wedges (Php100)

I don't know how the people at Wings on the Go do it, but this was a home run! The sauce it comes with was so so yummy - a perfect match to both the chicken and the wedges. 

After trying out the different offerings of this foodscape, I'm pretty sure, once they open up for dine-in, it'll be a hit!

The lady who greeted us when we went to the place was very accommodating and patient with us.
We were so excited that we didn't send a text in advance for our orders. We had to go there just to place our orders and wait for them to be delivered at home. Haha. 

In any event, we received updates regarding our orders from "on the way na po" to "nadeliver na po". Quite nice, really.

Also, check first if they do deliveries in your area as their scope, as of writing, is just mostly around Angono.

They charge Php40 for delivery, though. But I find this to be of no big deal. 

Wings on the Go is another gem added to my treasure trove of nearby foodscapes.

Their buffalo wings are arguably the best buffalo wings in my hometown. Arguably

Personally, though, Wings on the Go's take on a classic American dish - giving it a Filipino twist in the form of the unconventional sauce - now occupies a pedestal in my food-hall-of-fame where it can safely flap its deliciously smothered breaded pinions.

I can't wait to try other items on their menu.

Address (for pick-up only): #1136 Third St. Carebi Subd. Brgy. Sto. Niño Angono, Rizal 

Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 3PM to 9PM; although, check their Facebook page or send them a text to confirm if they are doing business

Contact numbers: 651 3051 / 0926 533 2794

Parking: N/A

Services: Pick-up and Delivery ONLY

Modes of Payment: Cash only


Cheers to the next adventure!

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