Thinkerbell, Thinkerbell, Ice Cream all the Way!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

UPDATE: As of January 2015, this establishment had relocated five doors farther from its original location. Same street but just a little farther in.

There are few things in the world that outranks the joy of eating ice cream.  Ice cream may be the bane of people trying to be fit, but no one can deny the ‘rush of happy’ that comes with the cold, sweet, and creamy.

Located in the town proper of Angono, Rizal, there is an ice cream house named after what is perhaps an unintentional misspelling of Peter Pan’s pixie companion. When asked about why the place was called “Thinkerbell “, the owners sheepishly replied their uncertainty. They followed it with an explanation that Thinkerbell Ice Cream is a Korean Franchise, which really doesn’t explain anything. I’m going to stick with the “misspelled pixie” angle. Or, it is possible that the misspelling is intentional because of intellectual property laws. You know, J.M Barrie. Or, more probably, Disney.

At any rate, I have been hearing about Thinkerbell from my CPE classmates, so right after we had dinner at Atelier, we headed out to the ice cream parlor for dessert.

Thinkerbell Ice Cream is found on a street just behind the Angono Plaza.  It is a few strides from the University of Rizal System – Angono, and the Angono General Hospital. The place, in marketing terms, is highly strategic. It is no surprise that most of its clientele are students.

I have an issue with the black rails that can be seen from the windows. They give off the wrong idea, I think. It doesn’t work with the “ice cream parlor” theme. Also, inside there is a mannequin which I don’t really get. What is its purpose? Aside from taking up a significant amount of space, and being creepy. I’m going to ask on my next visit. 

The interior was really small, incapable of accommodating large number of people. Although, the owners say that most of their customers leave the store right after they get their ice cream. They are always on the go, apparently. 

Still, it can accommodate a group of maybe five, ten people at most. And if you have no pathological fear of ‘suffocating by overcrowding’, then bring the whole gang.

Thinkerbell has an array of ice cream flavors to choose from. I personally love the Vanilla Chips variant, which is creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. And of course, the Strawberry flavor.
vanilla ice cream strawberry

An order of an ice cream cup costs Php40.00. This includes two scoops of any ice cream flavor, plus chocolate syrup.

One can also add a variety of “toppings” like the usual sprinkles, or the odd sago for Php10.00 each. 

If you feel that your hankering for ice cream is still unsatisfied, you can opt for a refill, which only costs Php10.00/scoop. Cool, eh?

I really enjoy the ice cream. The texture was really creamy, and has just the right sweetness.

There are also other offerings like Milk Tea, Ice Cream Shake, Taho, and quick snacks like chicken wings and quesadilla. Ice cream tubs are also available.

Now, let’s all scream for ice cream! Woohoo!

The owners, who were also the servers, were all smiles. The tiny place becomes less stuffy because of the positive vibes they let off. They are also very patient.

Thank you for posing with us for photos. Hooray!

Thinkerbell Ice Cream is another great addition to the Angono Food Scene. I am very happy because great foodscapades are just within my reach.

Also, I haven’t tried Ben and Jerry’s but I doubt I’ll notice any difference. Ice cream is ice cream.

From Cubao, ride a jeepney bound for Angono, and tell the driver to drop you off at the Angono Plaza. From there, walk towards the street where there is a tricycle terminal and take the first right. Walk straight. Thinkerbell is right in the corner of the street on the second left.

Thinkerbell also has other branches in Taytay and Metro Manila.

Address: Doña Ñieves Street, Angono, Rizal

Contact Number: +639159935264

Facebook Page: Thinkerbell Ice Cream

Parking: Street

Services: Dine-in, Take-out

Modes of Payment: Cash Only


Cheers to the next adventure!

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