The Coalescence of Culture and Cuisine at Nemiranda Arthouse Atelier Restoran, Angono, Rizal

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 24, 2014

This foodscapade was a literal spur-of-the-moment.

I was busy doing HR things when my sister/bestfriend, Ate Ingrid, asked, "Alam mo ba 'yung Nemiranda Cafe?" I said I did, then she asked me to find out the resto's business hours. After doing some googling, I relayed what I've gleaned to her. And just like that, a dinner date was set.

Nemiranda Arthouse Atelier Restoran is located in my beloved hometown of Angono, Rizal. It is owned by one of Angono's pride: visual artist Nemesio R. Miranda, Jr. Or simply Nemiranda.

The place doubles as an art gallery which houses the many artworks of the maestro, and sometimes those of other artists' as well. And also around the area is his abode (I think it's right upstairs from the restaurant.)

What can you expect when you have one of the most renowned Filipino artists opens a restaurant?


The "dining area" of the place is, well.... Eclectic seems the right word. The furniture and displays were arranged haphazardly, like most of them were thrown in as an afterthought. That, right there, is the epitome of "organized chaos".

Walk further down the hall and you'll find yourself in the gallery. Prepare to be amazed with astounding works of art.

The most interesting part of the place, in my opinion, is the restroom. 

This signage incorporates the Petroglyphs, and while a tad vulgar, it is done with taste and finesse one can only expect from an artist's imagination.

As if that were not enough, go to the actual toilet and you'll find this (if you have a PEK^2):

And this, if you have a TI^2:

With artwork popping in every nook and cranny of Atelier, it is quite possible to get overwhelmed. Some may find the place weird (like my nephew JM) but some will love it for the same reason (like me). Although I do admit I was a little disconcerted during the first few minutes (probably because of the giant paper-mache heads), I really like the ambiance. I think if Radagast were real, Atelier is what his home would look like. If he ever did have a home, that is.

Oh, if you're in no mood for eating, you can just go on a tour of the gallery for a minimal fee. But if you're going to dine in, the gallery tour is for free.

Atelier serves traditional Filipino cuisine. From the pinangat to pinaupong manok. But for our dinner we opted for the more familiar dishes.

For the mere price of Php950, we were served the following:
Garlic Rice
I tasted butter in their version of the garlic rice. And one can never ever go wrong with butter. It sits right up there with cheese and caramel sauce as fill-in-the-blank implement to the phrase "Everything's better with..."


Perfect rainy-season food! Steamy and fatty! The broth was tasty and the beef shanks were tender (the parts that were not bone). Better than the one I had at Green Ats.

Crispy Pata
And because we do not give an ounce of cow dung about our cholesterol level, we also had this scrumptiously sinful dish. Tender and crispy in all the right places. The dipping sauce that goes with it was perfect too. This was a hit! 

Well, our meal was dubbed "Combo Meal 8" which was enough for our group of four adults and three kids. It also comes with a pitcher of Iced Tea! Super sulit!

Here are photos of their menu:

I tell you, you may sink your teeth on pasta and pad thai, but nothing beats the flavors of home.

The servers in Atelier were very nice and friendly. I don't have any more comments about this, since we were busy exploring the arthouse and taking pictures. For the same reason, I wasn't able to take note of the serving time. I advise you to first place in your order before exploring the place. That way you'll never notice the time. There are many many things in this place to keep you occupied. You'll constantly find yourself craning your neck to look at a mural, with a spoonful of delicious food halfway to your mouth. Not good if you're a conscious eater. And that's about the only downside I could think of.

I am so excited for the food scene here in Angono. There are so many quaint places for dining turning up in every corner. But I believe that Atelier is one that is very truly characteristic of the Art Capital of the Philippines. Balaw-balaw better watch its back.

Address: #6 Doña Elena St., Doña Justa Village, Phase I Subd., Brgy. San Roque, Angono, Rizal, Rizal
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 11PM

Contact numbers: +634511580, +637200404,+637778266
Facebook page: Atelier CAFE

Parking: Street

Services: Walk-ins, Dining, Reservations, Take-out

Mode of Payment: Cash only


Cheers to the next adventure!

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