The Path Unfogger

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For a great part of our lives, we are but a bunch of fumbling buffoons who have no idea where we are going. What is ahead is no more than a collection of furcated trails leading to a vast sea of convoluted senseless images made even more indiscernible by a thick screen of smoke and confusion.

Then, in the most unexpected - and most opportune, I should add - of moments, there comes a much-needed intervention, a locus for comprehension.

An epiphany.

Any phenomenon, any stimulus, that brings about a change of wind - clearing out the smoke before you - is known, in celineistic terms, as the Path Unfogger.

The Path Unfogger does just that - it unfogs your path. It blows out the smokescreen that prevents you from seeing clearly, from knowing with absolute certainty, where to turn when the road before you forks in a multitude of directions.

It could be any thing and could come from any one. It can be a line in a book, a death of a loved-one, a song, or a random act of kindness.

For me, it was an advice.

Before I arrived in this very very good place that I presently am in, before I started doing the things that I truly truly love, before I began following my heart, I was stuck in a miserable workaday office job. And, granted, an inner struggle had already commenced eversince my mom passed away, this had only partially done the job of unfogging my path. What really did it for me was this piece of gold my former superior had given me: list down the things that you would do even if you don't get paid - these are the things you should do for a living.

And I followed that advice. I made several lists, all of which sang loudly and persistently of a truth I had always known but was too insecure to acknowledge: I should not be working in an office.

The things I listed down had nothing to do whatsoever with what I have been doing for the last two years of my life. Looking over the items on my lists, I became suddenly awash in an overwhelming sense of certainty. I knew what I needed to do. I was sure that I needed to get out.

After a string of frustrating and embarrassing corporate hullabaloos, I was finally out of the vicious cycle of tedium and misery. I felt lighter, as if I were relieved of a burden I had not hitherto known. I was sure things could only get better.

A couple of months after I resigned, I received my Master's Degree in Business Administration and had gotten an HR consultancy gig. I was pulling in enough cash that I was able to have an epic summer because of it.

My new stint was convenient, considerably better. But it isn't what I wanted to do. No, not exactly. Although I continue to do it for some extra income, what I truly wanted is to write. This was the first thing on my list. It was always the number one item - no matter how many lists I made. You see, I am obsessed with tales and poetry, with books and beautiful lyrics. I am hopelessly in love with words.

I also love adventures. From travel, nature, food, culture... You name it. I love experiencing new things and seeing new places.

I wanted to do all of these things and I didn't care if I go dirt poor in the process.

Hence, Celineism.

Celineism became, and continues to be, the ultimate epitome of my quest for utter joy and self-actualization - the journey to my Personal Legend, if you will. Everything I love is here. Everything I hope to be is found in every nook, every cranny, of this humble blog. My heart and soul is Celineism.

And oh, I also have this thing about public speaking and empowering and inspiring others. So, little by little, I am veering to the Academe. I am now a part-time professor of Business Administration. Additionally, I am back to school for supplementary teaching units. And, although, what I really want to teach is Literature and/or Creative Writing, the opportunity to share my knowledge provides me with an immeasurable satisfaction and happiness that I could never have found in the confines of a corporate office. Moreover, money is not as much of a big deal as it was before. To be honest, it no longer is.

I am happy, is what I am trying to say, more than I am equipped to express, more than the mere actual adjective can convey.

I wish for everyone to find their Path Unfogger, to finally have that determination and courage to follow their dreams. I hope that, one day, you'll be able to find that much anticipated wake-up call that will lead you to the right path; that will assure you that it is ok to be happy, that you need not fear the unknown because doing what you've always wanted to do can never ever go wrong.

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