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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Food is like poetry. Every bite is a line; every morsel a verse. It is no wonder, having said those, that I am drawn to gastronomy. Eating, to me, is an adventure all on its own. And last Monday, August 18, a couple of good friends and I headed out to SM City Masinag for an adventure of gastronomic proportions.

It was fine afternoon when I received an SMS from my good friend Camille inviting me to a pig-out session at Yakimix. And since it has been a very long time since I've hung out with her (the last time was way back in April - she was also the reason why my Ilocos Adventure came to be) I gladly said yes.

Ma'am Isa, a former colleague in MMPC, purchased vouchers from a group-buying site for P470. The company composed of Camille, Ma'am Isa, Jeaselle, Ma'am Jocy, Ma'am Grace, Cat, Krizia and I.

We carpooled in Cat's Mitsubishi G4, basically spending the entire travel time to catch up with each other. I didn't bother to look at the time when we arrived at SM Masinag, but there was still plenty of daylight outside.

So there we were, seated in a table where we can grill some meat. We lined up to get some food as we were all famished. And from there on, it was food porn.

They say there's a first for everybody. This was a first for me, dining in an eat-all-you-can buffet. Incidentally, another Bucket List item (#57) had also been crossed out. Hurrah!

In any event, we took to the buffet line to for some good food. I got pancit bihon, lechon kawali and a slice of pizza. The girls took care of the slices of meat we'll be grilling.

I must mention that I don't really like sushi and maki and all that weird raw thing Japanese food has going on. It doesn't help that I'm allergic to crustaceans and mollusks. Although, recently, I've found that I can tolerate small amounts of them. Cool.

Anyway, so those were just the things I had for my first round. The pancit was very tasty. Nothing remarkable about the lechon kawali. The pizza was delicious. To be truthful, I enjoyed the grilling aspect of the experience so much that watching and hearing the sizzle of meat against the hot surface of the table grill got me full sooner than expected. Full for savory food, that is.

I and Camille proceeded to refil our drinks. After which, we went back to the line and grabbed some things to wash down the savory tastes. Camille went for the fresh salad, I for the papaya, watermelon, and fruit salad. The papaya and watermelon was bland and the fruit salad was, erm, grainy. I had a taste of the pineapple on my second round and it was sweet and juicy. So yay!

Our plates were already empty long before our trove of tales was. So we stood up and reloaded our arsenal with sugar. Hooray for sweet-tooths!

Much later, we had coffee and Milo. Still our stories did not run out. The mall was already closing down when we called it a night.

I had so much fun. The food was generally great. And the extraordinary company made my first eat-all-you-can all the more better.

Cheers to the next adventure!

Photos courtesy of Camille, Jeaselle, and Krizzia

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