One Morning in July, When the Downpour was Timid

Friday, August 01, 2014

I know I should not use the Lord's name in vain, but, when I felt a barrage of crispy crackling things all over my half-awake self, "Jesus Christ!" was the first thing I mouthed.

I flailed my arms vehemently, trying to shoo away the yet-to-be-determined intruders to my Sacred Realm of Sleep. When my eyes begrudgingly fluttered open, I bolted straight up, ignoring the tiny dark spots dancing around my line of sight. Leaves, I've found, had ended up inside my room - through the gaps in the bare ceiling, I suspect - and were the unpleasant things that had grazed on my skin earlier. But this wasn't the reason why I skipped the sitting-up part of getting up. It was the wind that was the culprit.

Outside, the winds were mad. From my bedroom window, I could see how the trees were being maltreated, like when a handful of one's hair is pulled by an unrelenting force. The winds raged as if it was the only chance they had at raging, as if their previous bridling had entitled them to such excessive release. It was raining too, but the downpour seemed timid, as if embarassed by the overindulgence of the gales. I made a slight opening in my window and I was overwhelmed by the sharp scent of murk and sap. I pulled my windows shut, crumpling down to my bed. And that was when I started to write.

I wrote voraciously, tuning out the noises brought about by the insane winds. Words flew out like the wind-pulled leaves that swirled outside.

Moments later, the rain caught on. The countless drops like hammers against the roof. Battering. Pounding.

On that morning in July, when the downpour appeared timid at first, a war raged on between wind and water. And there I was, in the midst of it all, finding myself in the face of the inexplicable Higher Power that provides me with precious words. I let it all out, draining every syllable, every letter, not leaving anything behind.

And here is what I wrote, among other things: only an honest heart writes true words. And what I wrote was a fact, for how else would I be able to write this: I went back to sleep right after it was confirmed that classes were suspended.

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