Book Hauling at Books For Less Warehouse Sale

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Before I was anything else, I was - first and foremost - a bibliophile. I've learned to read at an early age so my love affair with books had started long before I had any formal schooling.

Anyway, I've recently been rereading my current book collection because (a) I aim to write a review for each and every one of them, and (b) I haven't purchased a new book in a long while. So, when Kambal Tophe brought this Warehouse Sale to my attention, gears started turning - so to speak. My collection will be expanding!

Today, August 23, after my CPE class, we proceeded to Mercedes Avenue in Pasig for a day in the company of pre-loved books. The warehouse is just across La Consolacion Pasig Campus.

Kambal and I headed to different directions, in search of our own personal gems. We ambled across fellow book hunters, through narrow rows of book-strewn tables and wall-to-wall shelves. There were reference books, self-help books, novels, children's story books and magazines.

We were in heaven! We didn't mind the humid temperature as we were so intent on digging up treasures. Oh, did I mention that everything is at 10pesos? That's right! EVERYTHING! TEN PESOS!

After spending almost three hours in the warehouse, we checked out. We went through so many books, our fingers turned up like these:

In the end, here's my haul. This should get me through the coming school break:

Hurry and head out to the warehouse, the massive sale will run until August 31! Go, go, bookworms!

Cheers to the next adventure!

UPDATE: Since I have been receiving a lot of questions about how to get here, I feel obliged to give directions. I can only give directions from a perspective of one who's coming from Angono, but I hope this can be of some help:

From Angono, ride a jeepney to Junction. I suggest you take the Hi-way route for faster travel time (Sta. Lucia Hi-way; Cubao-LRT signboards). Walk towards Mercury Drug, and ride another jeep to "Pasig Tramo". Tell the driver to drop you off at "Mercedes". From Mercedes, there are tricycles that will take you to "La Consolacion Pasig Campus". The Warehouse is literally across from it. Enjoy!

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