Bibliophilia: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anansi Boys is a tale about two estranged brothers, Fat Charlie and Spider, whose father was a god. When their father dies, the brothers are reunited. And their lives turn into a string of funny, and frightening events.

As expected, Neil Gaiman had proven to be one of the best fiction writers out there. Rereading Anansi Boys had done nothing but fortified my fierce admiration for this wordsmith.
The novel mostly focuses on family ties and relationships and treads occasionally on morality and karma. It is surreal and very real all at once. Reading it is like looking through a kaleidoscope, like marveling at fractured glass and its myriad of colors.

I particularly enjoy the fluidity of transition from one scene to the next, one event to another. No matter how absurd and unlikely a situation a character is in, you will have no problem believing it. The seamless flow of the story contributes a lot to the experience. And sure, it is brimming with absurdity and unlikelihood, but these are what make the whole picture poignant and sensible.

This tale is highly entertaining, and insanely original. Neil Gaiman is a wizard. The plot is one of a kind. I find myself strangely proud when I am able to laugh at the jokes in the book, or think a paragraph funny. Intensely fantastical and magical, an effective and worthy medium for a reader to suspend his disbelief.


"Blood calls to blood like sirens in the night."

"It's easier to say true things in the dark."


Celineism Ratings*
Originality and Plot: 5 moons
Choice of Words and Sentence Structure
: 5 moons
Quotableness: 4 moons
: 5 moons
Moral Impact: 3.5 moon

*Highest possible score is 5 moons.
Originality and Plot - the extent of the cleverness and uniqueness of the entire story
Choice of Words and Sentence Structure - the cadence and lyrical aspect of the story
Quotableness - the degree to which lines and dialogues are remembered
Entertainment - the enjoyment induced by the story
Moral Impact - the degree to which the story is thought-provoking and mind-opening

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