Mount Daraitan Traverse to Tinipak River and Cave, Tanay, Rizal

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 1, 2014

I've made it clear that I crave exhaustion and my dayhike to Mt. Daraitan is not only a testament to my obsession with centrifugalism, but also to the former claim. Why? Well, Team Daraitan and I managed to cram what was supposed to be a two-day adventure into one jam-packed day.

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Our traverse from Mt. Daraitan led us to the Tinipak River.

After waiting for the rest of the company to arrive, we proceeded for a dose of spelunking. Our way there was made up of a short river trek and rock climbing.

By 4PM, we were already exploring the Tinipak Cave.
The entrance to the cave

And the highlight of it all was when we went swimming inside the cavern.

We swam in a pool where the gushing water from the mountains was temporarily gathered. The water was freezing but it seemed to wash away our weariness, giving us back our vigor. And to stay true to our RPG theme - with jelly ace being a manna from heaven - this place shall forever be known to us as the Fountain of Health. I said Fountain of Revitalization but Julius' appellation proved to be more apt and theme-faithful.

In any event, we only stayed in the Fountain of Health very briefly. We wanted to be off the road before nightfall so by 4:30, we were already making our way back to the baranggay hall. I got home at exactly 10:15PM.

I had so much fun going on this adventure, and I swear to return to Daraitan for an overnight stay and to go skinny-dipping in the Tinipak Cave (provided we all do it).

Hope to bump in to you there soon!

Cheers to the next adventure!

1500 - Tinipak River
1545 - Start trek to Cave
1600 - Tinipak Cave
1630 - Traverse to Brgy. Hall
1920 - Arrival at Tanay Town Proper

For directions, list of expenses, special concerns and contact person/s, click here.

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