I've Seen Omega at Mount Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 1, 2014

If you have read my self-diagnosis, you know that I am obsessed with centrifugalism. And this climb is another testament to that claim (because Mt. Daraitan is in Rizal, silly.)

This adventure had been in the making since mid-May. It had only been brought into fruition a week before the actual date, with two of my favorite people, French Fries and Julius, confirming their attendance. My good friend Eli, who was also my climb buddy in Tagapo, was the first one to say yes to this climb, by the way. (Hooray!) So Team Daraitan was composed of Me, Dennis, Eli, her boyfriend Alvin, French Fries, and Julius.

It was in Jollibee Tanay Town Proper where we met-up. Here, Kuya Lester (our service for our previous Tanay adventure) and another tricycle driver, Kuya Ronald, also met with us to be our service to and from Daraitan. I should mention that commuting to the place is difficult. Only a single jeepney trip plies the Town Proper/Daraitan route everyday. So better make arrangements beforehand if you don't have private transportation.

Anyway, we started making our way to Daraitan at 7AM.
The dirt road to Daraitan
After almost two hours, we arrived at Brgy. Daraitan, the jump-off point.
A portion of the Tinipak River
After parking our rides, we proceeded to the baranggay hall to register and get a guide. Here, Julius and French also rented a headlamp for the spelunking part of our adventure.

We started our ascent at exactly 8:45AM. We took the Lilindigan trail and it was all assaults right from the start.

We weren't even in the trail for twenty minutes when Eli broke down. I wanted to scold her for not being physically prepared but I refrained from doing so. I may be selfish but I am not that insensitive. Well, we gave her time to rest and persuaded her to have a jelly ace - which served, we've found, like a manna from heaven. (Later on, Julius would also swear to its wondrous properties.)

Moments later, we were again back on the trail. All thanks to that gelatinous lump of sugar, I guess.

At any rate, the trail was a bit similar to that of Mt. Pulog, but drier and more tamed. There were 70-80 degree inclines almost all the way with hardwoods and tall grass lining the path.
One stands taller than the rest
Waiting for the rest of the company
Pitstop at a cave
The part of the trail which I named "cliff hanger"
Almost there!
Resting halfway through a major incline
It was 11:30AM when we arrived at the summit.

We went to Peak 1 - a cluster of sharp, jagged rocks, which was probably Nature's version of spikes. It reminded me of the rock formations in Paguriran.

It looked over a stretch of mountainous land. The view would've been perfect if it weren't for evidences of deforestation.
Daggers to the heart!
On a less kj note, the appearance of these types of rocks had only fortified my theory that Mt. Daraitan used to be underwater, part of the sea. This hypothesis was formulated when I happened upon shells on the trail.

And guess what? Shells can also be found in the summit.
Mind-blowing, I know.
After several pictures...
Fifth summit, beybe!
Adventure buddies for life!
Team Daraitan sans Alvin
We went down the group of spiked rocks to have our lunch. I brought sizzling tofu for my packed lunch and despite it being a leftover the night before, it still tasted wonderful. I, of course, shared it with my companions and another inside joke had been born - as it tends to go down when I'm with these people. It began when we started analyzing the sizzling tofu, making like cooking show judges, trying to discern the ingredients with our meticulous taste buds. The list went from the usual - garlic, onion, soy sauce - to the bizarre and, well, morbid. Julius said the secret ingredient was bata (a child). And I cannot give justice to his creepy smile when he said "sizzling tofu with bata". Hahahaha. We are all so weird.

After filling our stomachs with good food and hearty laughter, some of us got a little too comfortable, i.e. Julius.
Boom Tulog!
We also decided to take this picture:
After his siesta and a shot at unpaid endorsement, we went to Peak 2. Similar to Peak 1 in terms of the rock formations but here, one could have a clear view of what's below. When you fall to your doom from Peak 2, you'd know what's coming.

In Peak 2, I've also seen the end - the omega to my alpha, the ohm to my siemen.

I'm running out of adjectives to describe the view. Breathtaking wouldn't cut it. Perhaps adding an adverb would somehow suffice: euphorically marvelous was what laid before me.

After having my conductance reciprocated with resistance, we started our traverse. (Hats off to Dennis for the electrifying associations.)

By 3PM, we were in Tinipak River. We stopped for a breather before proceeding to the next part of our adventure. Stay tuned!

Cheers to the next adventure!

How to get there
From Angono, ride a jeepney bound for Tanay and get off at the town proper. Here, you can make arrangements with tricycle drivers to take you to Daraitan.

0645 - Meet-up in Jollibee Tanay Town Proper
0700 - Departure to Daraitan
0835 - Arrival at Brgy. Daraitan,
0840 - Register at Brgy. Hall
0845 - Start ascent
1130 - Summit/Lunch
1330 - Start traverse
1500 - Arrival at Tinipak River

Jeepney Fare, Angono to Tanay Town Proper - Php35.00/pax
Tricycle rental - Php300.00/pax back and forth Town Proper/Daraitan
Bamboo Bridge Fee - Php60.00/tricycle
Registration Fee - Php20.00/pax
Guide - Php500.00 + Php200.00 tip
Headlamp - Php50.00

Special Concerns
Only one jeepney trip per day for Town Proper/Daraitan. Renting a ride is highly advisable.
Bring plenty of liquids and trail food
No presence of limatik
Bring headlamps and/or flashlights if you are to explore the cave
Expect to get wet for you'll do a river trek so bring a change of clothes

Contact Person/s
Hm. In the interest of full disclosure, I was disappointed with Kuya Lester because he had asked for an additional hundred peso despite us already giving him a 200-peso tip. So I would not recommend him anymore. Here's our guide's number instead:
Kuya Biboy - +639062031767
(Next time, we'll make arrangements with Kuya Biboy. He might know of other means to get to and fro Daraitan without requiring a service.)

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  1. Haha! Excuse me, I am kind of prepared. I told you I've been running before my shift starts. Anyway, I have my shift before our hike, can you blame me? Plus, I didn't get enough sleep :) So, way too big of a factor is getting enough rest for those who want to try Daraitan and by doing it dayhike :) (LOL, excuses haha!)

  2. Hahahaha. So, you not getting enough sleep is technically NOT being physically prepared. :)))

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Alexi.Thanks for dropping by. :)