Sands Everywhere at the Paoay Sand Dunes and Culili Point

Monday, May 05, 2014

Tita Maylin for the Sand Dunes :)
Despite being on a very strict budget, I was determined to brave the sand dunes and go sand surfing. With not even a change of clothes nor a brush of teeth (being on the road for more than 12 hours), I adamantly convinced my companions to get on a 4x4 and ply the Ilocandian desert that was Culili Point.

After several minutes of constant pleading and persuading with utmost conviction, I was finally able to force four members of my company to join me in my quest for adrenaline rush. Ching, Roy, Kuya Jerry, and Sir Donnie eventually gave in to my persistence and shared not only the epic experience but also the cost of it. Hehe.

At any rate, we hopped into a yellow 4x4 ride, with Kuya Marlou as our driver.
Sir George didn't join us but he has 
this picture to prove otherwise. :P
Ready to go! 
Kuya Marlou, our awesome driver
After a quick word on safety, off we went to the vast sandy lands.

Birds and a variety of creatures had probably seen my uvula from all the screaming I've done during the entire ride. The screams were not of fear, mind you. It was of pure joy and unadulterated excitement. It was such a rush having my body thrashed from all sides, with only my poor little hands keeping me from flying off the vehicle. I was gripping the handlebars so tightly - my sides colliding with the steel because of the intense ride - the length of my arms and one side of my hips sprouted purple bruises the next day. What can I say, it isn't real fun when your body doesn't ache the morning after.

After a series of sharp bumpy turns and sudden drops, Kuya Marlou stopped by near a seashore. My mind took a while to process the idea that the desert was surrounded by the sea. Astonishing!

Moments later, when we had our share of photo ops, we got into the 4x4 and resumed our intense screaming. I was so elated, I would have vehemently flailed my arms, but I'd fall off if I let go so bad idea.

Anyway, just when we were sure we couldn't scream anymore, we halted few paces away from the dune where one can sand surf. There were already other groups who were trying out the exciting activity.

I was trying to be courteous to my companions and told them they should go first. But in truth, my wisdom tooth was already tingling because I wanted to be on a board ASAP. I think they know this so they insisted I go first. Hooray!

We went up the sand dune, the sands were so hot we started sprinting. I caught some of my breath under a tiny bahay kubo and waited for my turn. After a few moments, I proceeded to the start of the sand ride.

I asked the instructors how to surf the sands while on my feet. I listened in and tried to find my center. I gave my go-signal and the instructor gave me a push. I rode the dune. Well, almost.

For a few seconds, I was up on my feet but I made one wrong body turn and down I went. I literally tumbled down half the length of the sand dune. Sands got on my shirt, my hair, my eyes and my mouth. It was awesome! Haha!
And down she goes. HAHAHA!
(Note: Credits to Roy for that epic picture. :D)

Right after the tumbling moment
There was a short delay on my getting up. I remember thinking: Again! When I went back on my feet, I laughed and so did my companions and the instructors as well as the other adventurists. Hey, I didn't get hurt so it was quite funny. Kasama sa pag-unlad.

After the first epic try, I dashed up the dune for a second attempt. Kuya Jerry congratulated me. He said no one was doing the standing style before I did. I could hear in his voice that he was proud of me. It was quite touching. My college professor was right: I was the benchmark. At least on that day at the Paoay sand dunes.

Hooray for the brave sand explorers!
This is my favorite part of my Ilocandia Adventure. There's really something about getting dirty and making a fool of myself that make the entire experience more exhilirating. I look forward to more tumbling and falling for the sake of fun!

Cheers to the next adventure!

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