Pamitinan Cave and its Caverns for Heroes

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

For itinerary, budget, and directions to Mount Pamitinan, click here.

April 8, 2014

Located within the vicinity of the Wawa Dam, tunneling inside Mt. Pamitinan , in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, is the historical Pamitinan Cave. This is where Andres Bonifacio and eight other Katipuneros declared independence from the Spanish empire on April 12, 1895. During the Japanese colonization, like Calinawan Cave, it also served as a hideout for guerillas.

And on a less prosaic note, it is also the supposed home of Bernardo Caprio -  a giant who, according to Filipino folklore, was cursed by the gods to forever stop the Wawa Gorge from colliding.

Exploring the Pamitinan Cave was part of my one-day Rodriguez Adventure. It is also the second cave in my cave series. Hooray!

The first thing we did upon arriving in the terminal of Wawa-bound jeepneys was to proceed to the nearby tourism office. We asked an arrangement for a tour of the cave and we were told the entrance fee costs 10pesos. We also rented two pieces of hard hats for 50pesos each and a flashlight for another 50pesos. We were then assigned a tour guide in the person of Kuya Michael. After settling the details and paying the necessary fees, we then started our way to the cave.

The three of us - RJ, Kuya Michael, and I - walked up the snaking road on the side of the mountain and carefully descended a path amidst massive boulders and running water.

 We then trekked halfway up Mt. Pamitinan...

...and found ourselves before the cave entrance.

Kuya Michael explained that the entrance had been sealed by a steel gate because some of the locals were doing illegal tours. Tours by unauthorized locals are prohibited by the local government for safety and vandalism concerns.

Anyway, we went on and explored the cave:

Kuya Michael told us that these were used by the guerillas during the Japanese era (they were some kind of fire-starters or flints):

Some of the features of the cave:

I was looking forward to visiting the Bulwagan ni Bonifacio but was not able to explore this part because RJ was apparently not tall enough to reach the foot and handholds in the area. I am so not done with this cave. Hehe.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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