The Unbelievable Rock Formations of Kapurpurawan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kapurpurawan is "kaputi-putian" (whiteness) in Tagalog. It is a fitting name for the rock formations found in the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Created by the forces of wind and water, its distinctive white, almost chalk-like, surface serves as a testament to the irrepressible powers of Nature.

On the way to the place, (as of writing) one will pass by partly constructed windmills. It is a smart move because the gush of wind in this place is unforgivable.

Wind-blown effect
You have to go on a relatively short trek to reach the actual rock formations. Fret not, for you will not be mindful of the distance because of the view.

But if you're in no mood for a walk, horses are available for rent. Although, if you opted for this route, there's a slight chance you'll not pass by this meticulous sculpture:
Bertong Bayawak, here's your long overdue back-up
Or this stone bridge:
I think I carried all the weight. Haha.
Interestingly, it is said that the Burgos shoreline is home to mermaids. One should say "tabi-tabi" (excuse me) once in a while for safe passage. I don't care what you say but I believe in mermaids so my companions probably heard me murmuring to myself while I hopped along the rocky path. 

In any case, we arrived at the largest piece of formation and the wind subsided. The massive rock facade shielded us from the fervid gales.
This could work as a chess table
This may look small but in actuality it is huge
Resilient balanced stones protected from the wind by the wall of rocks
We climbed to the edge of the rock, closer to its white sandy face. I ran my hand across a portion of it and I was a tad shocked that the surface crumbled under my fingertips. It's mind-boggling how the formations appeared solid but a closer look would tell you it's made of sand:

Of course, we took pictures:

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formations is one of the places that is so beautiful, it takes your breath away. Nakakaiyak sa ganda. 

Go and visit this place as soon as you have the time. It's worth it. 

Cheers to the next adventure!

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