The Empanadang Ilocos

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I shall begin this entry by saying I'm not really a big fan of empanadas. I couldn't understand why my companions were so eager to have the so-called Empanadang Ilocos. When I heard those two words, a picture of the usual empanada - light brown crust-like shell with an assortment of filling from cheese to tuna - came to mind.

Thus, I found nothing exciting about that mental image. I was stoic, which is to say, my hyperactivity was less pronounced. 

The first time I encountered the concoction, daylight was fading. We gathered in the town plaza of Pagudpud (?) at the close of the first day of our Ilocos adventure. My companions clamored for an order of the local delicacy; I was determined not to have any but eventually had a change of heart. 

Roy claimed that my Ilocos experience would not be complete if I didn't have a taste of the eponymous treat. Factor in the fact that Sir George already ordered one for each of us and had already paid for it. (Thank you, Sir George! (= ) 

Suffice it to say, I obliged. 

It was one of my best decisions ever.

The monumental first bite
Empanadang Ilocos, unlike the lowly common empanada which is light brown in color, has a bright orange shell akin to the kwek-kwek. It has a vegetable medley for filling and it is divine.

Pour in some Sukang Iloko and a blob of ketchup (trust me, it works) then prepare your mouth for a flavor orchestra.

As a result, my empanada standards just went up several notches. 

Here's us in Foodtopia:
Ate MJ and Ma'am Jo
Candid =)
Tita Maylin, Ching, Me, and Camille
Roy and Sir George
I tell you, Roy was right. You have got to have a bite of this bright orange delicacy when you're in Ilocandia. You do not want to miss out on a gastronomic must-try. I highly recommend you get the "special"; your taste buds will be surprised by a malasadong fried egg. It will be messy but it sure will be delicious!

Cheers to a happy tummy!

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