Quenching Our Thirst at Paraiso ni Anton

Monday, April 28, 2014

Found in Sitio Maligligay, just at the other end of the famed Patapat Viaduct, is another popular Pagudpud stopover. A narrow runnel of allegedly miraculous water, Paraiso ni Anton provided a somewhat mystical aspect to my Ilocandia Adventure.

According to a local that we've spoken to in Blue Lagoon, the frequently visited waterfalls was the favorite spot of one Anton Raquiza - a DENR secretary during the Marcos government.
Regardless of the reason behind the name of the place, your Pagudpud adventure would be lacking if you do not risk diarrhea or any water-borne disease by taking a sip of water from the falls. The liquid, tapering into a slim plastic pipe, easily pours into tumblers or containers and even into one's cupped hands.

In all fairness, the water tasted sweet and is devoid of the mossy taste commonly present in fresh water sources.
A local fetching water from the falls
Interestingly, mounted atop several steps of stairs, on the side of the rocky stream near the waterfalls, was an altar of the Virgin Mary.

And once again, like I did in the Paoay Church, I whispered a thanks. I truly have lots to be grateful for.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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