I Whispered a Thanks at the Paoay Church

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I can't exactly point out the day I stopped subscribing to a religion. I only remember a poem. It was some sort of prayer and it's ironic that it marked the end of me being a practicing Catholic. I don't pray. Not for me, no. I tell Whoever it is out there that I'm fine; He/She shouldn't worry about me. I pray only for others.

I haven't been inside a church for a very long time. It is a conscious effort. I believe I don't need a middleman to get to the Creator, but that's just me. My creed is simple: take care of myself so I can do good, be kind and make the most of everything.

I've been to the Paoay Church, saw its magnificent structure. When I went inside, I've felt solace - and that's saying something because I'm a huge mess.

I sat down on one of the pews near the altar, straggling from my companions. I closed my eyes and listened. I listened to the sound of hushed voices of fellow tourists, the click clack of feet on the floor. I listened to my heart.

I am a mess but I am happy. And because of this fact, after a long while, I said a prayer. I wished for only one thing: that I never lose sight of my now-clear path. And I said thank you that I get to go on adventures and be with and meet great people. 

I'm glad that I've figured out how to go on with my life, that I found some of the answers. I'm glad that I have found solace during an adventure, aptly inside a church.

I'm glad that I have the chance and the means to see the world.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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