I Ran for Adventure at the 2013 MILO Marathon

Sunday, August 04, 2013

It was late June when I was browsing Takbo.ph for road races that I might be able to participate in. (I'm just really really into running right now. I'm so into it that I would go as far as saying I've finally found another sport, the other being Chess.) When I saw the 2013 MILO Marathon in the list of events, I immediately took note of the registration areas. The most accessible was Riovana at Katipunan. The plan was I'd proceed there after my MBA class over the weekend. However, it was a weekday when a member of the MMPC Striders informed us that they'll be batch-registering for the aforementioned event. And they were kind enough to include us in this batch registration. Yay! No hassle! 

So anyway, I received my race packet on July 3. Woohoo!

Hooray for MILO green!
By the way, there was a slight fuzz about my singlet size. I opted for the Medium size and most of my colleagues were sort of scandalized by this choice. They were pointing out that it was one size too big for me. I said it was no problem if that was the case. My concern was not in the matter of width but of length. Thank goodness, I've heard no more of this subject after that explanation.

In any event, we were informed that MMPC would be lending shuttle vehicles to us. Yay! So, July 28, the day of the event, we all headed out to the Mall of Asia. I was very excited because I've been training for this run. I wanted to finish the race without stopping to walk or rest. I wanted to go nonstop running. It was my goal that day. I told myself that I will not stop running until I cross that finish line!

You know what? I did it! Hoorah!

In all my sweaty glory
I didn't mind the fatigue that was slowly trying to deter my determination. I kept running! I was so happy. I wanted to pat my own head for a job well done. It was, for me, a great achievement. Despite my failure to keep time of my run, I knew I had a huge improvement compared to my 3K run last June 16. What had happened had filled me with profound euphoria because, at that very moment, I became sure that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it.

So that's that. Time for some photos!

with Jen and some members of the Striders
MMPC's unofficial delegates
With my not-KJ future Ninang
After everybody else had crossed the finish line, we decided to check out the happenings at the open grounds where MILO had set up camp. Ninang, Tito Lem, Jen, Nikko, and I instantly queued up for cups of free MILO! Yum yum!

One does not simply pass up on free MILO

Now, three days later, MILO posted the official Race Analysis. Here's mine:

That's 40.49! I was ecstatic! I know there's still room for improvement but it was something worth rejoicing! Hooraaay!

Anyhow, now that my endurance has been kicked up a notch, I'd be focusing on improving my speed. I plan to run an uphill road race this August, right here in my hometown. *fingers crossed* I hope I'd get to see familiar faces.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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  1. Nice! Sabi nga ng nike "you can't finish first if you don't start." Good job dre. More run to come =D