A Dose of Eclectic at Sev's Cafe

Sunday, August 04, 2013

I've read about Howie Severino's budding foodscape near the CCP Complex and had been meaning to try it ever since. Since Dennis and I happened to be around the area today, we decided to have our lunch there.

Sev's Cafe: Food and Ideas is located in the Basement of Legaspi Towers 300. So after my MBA Research class, Dennis and I met-up at NCBA and proceeded to this foodscape. (I was the first one in my class to be given a go-signal to start the next chapter, by the way. Hoorah!) The entrance to the place was also the entrance to the parking lot. If it weren't for the big white sign that read "Sev's Cafe", I would have not believed that we were already there. I was expecting a different set-up. I've read that the place serves healthier food options so I was prepared for a posh ambiance common to places that serve similar food. However, what greeted us was a different, albeit not necessarily unpleasant, interior. Well, to help you visualize it, here are some photos:
That elevated platform is the stage, I guess
The dining area sans tables and chairs
The bar-cum-counter
Yep. Dennis and I were literally the only diners that day. In fact, when Dennis and I went inside, we--the crew and I--were both a little surprised. People were milling about and the place was in mild disarray. I suddenly remembered that Sev's was having a series of an interactive theater entitled "Ritual World". No one was there except for the crew and, I assumed, the cast of the show. I had to ask if the place was open for dining. Fortunately, it was.  We had to wait for one of the guys to set up a table for two. Probably because there will be a show at 7:30, regulars opted to stay away for a while. We were there at around 2PM. In all honesty, I thought the whole thing was a little awkward. I kinda felt that we were imposing. But since we were already seated, we just went with it and after a brief bout of indecision, finally settled our orders.
Here's me placing our orders. Sweaty.

 While waiting for our food, I started taking pictures. Dennis took a picture of me taking pictures:

There were these interesting items around the place:

From time to time, one of the cast and/or crew would play the guitar

Well, we've got the food so here's an "idea":
I wanted to steal "The Fault in Our Stars"
When our food hasn't arrived still, the natural thing to do was to take more photos. And take photos we did. Only this time, of ourselves:

The first thing to arrive on our table was the smoothies. I had Sev's Green Smoothie. Dennis had the Mango.
It's so obvious which is which
Sippin' on Smoothies
I told Dennis to try Sev's Green. (From what I've read, it's made of pechay and banana. Though you could hardly taste the pechay.) He looked at me suspiciously, "Trap ba 'yan?" "Hindi. Tikman mo," I handed him the tall glass. He sipped and said, "Ok lang naman. " He later told me: Pag green kasi, naiisip ko na it's a trap. (Read our Moonleaf Mishap for the backstory.) The smoothies cost Php70 each.

Anyway, moments later, this arrived:
Baked Fish (Php100)
I've already mentioned that Sev's offers healthier food options. They serve each dish only with brown rice. Now, I'm not a fan of this variant of our staple food but this time, I thought it tasted great. As for the fish, it was tuna. My third favorite fish! Yuuuum. I was curious to know what the tuna was swaddling so I pried the fish open.
I was so intent on eating
Bunch of healthy stuffings
I told Dennis that the Baked Fish was a healthier version of the Chicken Cordon Bleu. He agreed with me. It was very nice. Again, there's a great probability that I am being biased as I could never hate tuna. I have yet to find a dish that tuna cannot save. So enough said. 

I should mention that I was repeatedly mumbling that I was famished. So while I was waiting for Dennis to finish capturing this next dish in a photo, I said, "Gusto ko na kumain." He turned to me and smiled. "Trabaho muna." Hahaha. Ang cute talaga ng Loves ko. 
Fried Tilapia (Php90)
 It's tilapia. Tilapia is tilapia. Nothing more to discuss.
Our try at healthy eating
I was happy that our meal was less than Php500. I think if I live around that area, I would be dining here very often. The food is great, inexpensive and healthy to boot! But alas, even after gorging our healthy lunch, I was still hungry. Like I said, very often.

At any rate, I feel right at home at Sev's. Not because I'm a healthy eater (obviously I'm not), but because the place gives off a hipster kind of vibe. I mean, I'm not a hipster but it has that artistic, eccentric, eclectic feel to it. It's weird, I love it. The place actually looks like an art studio or a band hideout. I just have this feeling that great ideas were born and are being born in that little cafe. So, if you happen to be around that area, go ahead and pay them a visit. Try out the food and have a feel of the eclectic ambiance. I think there's also a Sev's Cafe in Malate. If there is and you happen to be around that area, you know what to do.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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