Strolling in Sonya's Garden

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Alright. Part 2 of 3. (Read Part 1 here; Part 3 here.)

Here we go.


1.) Save the Date (?). After feeling like a kid in a peryahan, we rode to Sonya's Garden to stock up on yummy pastries. I thought we were lost but after asking a pair of locals for directions, Tito Lem assured us that he now remembers the way. I should mention that it is necessary to ask for directions. Sonya's Garden is located somewhere you cannot easily spot. Sasadyain mo talaga
We have arrived!
"Kumakain ka ba ng gulay?" asked Ninang. "Hindi masyado." "Eh anong ginagawa natin dito?" Muhahahaha. Point of clarification: Sonya's Garden is renowned for an all-natural and organic menu as well as an ascetic-sort of living. You know, no wi-fi, no tv. Just you and nature.

Ok, going back. "Bibili tayo ng pastries," I replied. But before we did, we went around the area and at some point, NJ poked me and said, "Uy te, mag-picture kayo dun oh. Parang lovers' chuva yan." Haha. NJ and her way with words never fail to make me chuckle. At any rate, we went over to where she was pointing. Dennis and I posed for a couple of pictures:

"Prenup lang?" teased NJ. "Lagot kayo sa nanay niyo," said Ninang Cmae. Whatever, guys. :))

2.) What does this look like to you? After the prenup-like photo op, we decided to go inside the Country Store. Check out Ninang trying out a wood-bead necklace:

I took a picture of these wind chimes which looked like Picasso's version of the male genitalia:
Cool, eh?
3.) Equine Love. Nothing really caught my attention in the Country Store (except the wind chimes. Heh). So we kept walking around and took more pictures:
The Dork says No to Plastics. 
NJ snapped at me before taking this photo. I told her to look away. You know, para may drama. "He! Ang arte-arte, may ganun pa!" she ranted after plopping down to this papag. Dennis and I couldn't help but laugh:

What's your favorite find?
 And here we show our love for horses:

I so love this shot. 
4.) Our Tasty Haul. So enough with the photos already. We headed out to our real reason for coming here: 
 We went inside and I stood there frozen for a bit. Too many bread, couldn't choose. Hahaha. I looked at NJ's and Ninang's hauls, and surveyed the array of pastries. I asked Dennis what he liked. And just went for it:
I smile for bread
I heard NJ looking for the Cheese Hopia which were apparently the best-sellers. Didn't get to purchase some. NJ gave me a piece the Monday after. It tasted wonderful. Well, not as wonderful as Eng Bee Tin's Custard Hopia, but wonderful still.

After paying for my pastries, Ninang beckoned me to come over. She was standing in front of a shelf filled with spreads, spices, and other bits and bobs. "Kuhaan mo to ng picture," she said. This is what she had asked me to photograph:
A jar of honey with the honeycomb included
 Interestingly, honey is the only food that doesn't spoil. Way to go, bees.

Anyway, our haul consisted of Chocolate Muffins, Cherry Pinwheels, and my new favorite--Buddha de Oro. Nomnomnom!

So Pastry Pitstop: check!

Now, let's head out for dinner! Woot woot!


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