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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last installment of the Tagaytay Escapade Trilogy. (Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.) 

Don't just sit there--Applaud!


1.) A hook comes to good use. Soon after we finished taking lots of pictures and stocking up on Buddha de Oros and Cheese Hopias, we hopped on back into the Adventure and headed out for dinner. Again, I didn't know where we were going. I only knew that we would be having Bulalo. Since going along with everything seemed to work out for everybody so far, I figured why break the happy streak? So anyhow, we were losing daylight when we arrived at this place:
Where we had our dinner
We hurried inside as it had started drizzling again. We were greeted with a great view of the Taal Lake:
Our faces may look weird but at least the Lake looks awesome
I asked NJ to strike a pose but for the nth time, she snapped at me. Hahaha. "He! Ikaw na lang! Napapagod na ko." she bawled. "Ganun ba talaga pag buntis?" I said to no one in particular. "Oo. Ikaw na lang kasi," replied Dennis, trying hard not to laugh. Ok, fine. Haha.
Here, have a share of stochasticity: 
Kinda reminds me of Antipolo

Great-looking family
And here's what smartphones are doing to social niceties (haha):

We let Ninang decide what we'd have. Here she is placing our orders:
After another session of camwhoring, Dennis and I made ourselves comfortable. This was a momentous day because I got to use the bag hook I got from Tita Yoly. (A little back story: When I attended a PMAP convention in Makati Shangri-la, I saw one of the participants using this thing-a-ma-bob. I mentioned it to Ninang and Tita Yoly. And just like that, I received one! Woohoo! Thanks, tita!)
Say goodbye to the awkward bag-on-lap drama. A must for foodscapers!
2.) I've found my fourth favorite fish. Later on, our dinner arrived. Our Tagaytay feast consisted of:
Ah, poor me. Another dish that I am unable to taste yet again as I am deathly allergic. To be honest, I don't really lament my inability to eat crustaceans and mollusks. I don't know why it is such a big deal to people. Hahaha. May lechon at barbecue pa naman eh. 
Sizzling Bangus Sisig
Who knew bangus can pass for a decent sisig? It's more than decent, mind you. It was oh-so-yummy. I loved how there wasn't any hint of fishiness and onions. If there were onions, I didn't notice. Hoorah!
The ever-present Bulalo
A Tagaytay foodscapade can never be complete without sipping on some bone shanks and marrow stew. In all honesty, the stew was a bit bland. I was looking for corn cobs but there were none, I think. The meat was ok but I had better. Nothing really special.
Fried Tawilis
This was the first time I got to eat the famous fish. I loved it! It tasted real fresh. It was so crispy, each bite was so noisy. Haha. I may have preferred not to eat everything--bones, head, and all--but Tawilis is now my fourth favorite fish! Yay!
The remnants
Our sumptuous dinner only cost us less than 2,000php. NJ and Ninang pointed out that, had we eaten at the more-popular Leslie's, we'd be paying three times that. So win-win: we were almost stuffed to the gills but our pockets were not thoroughly emptied.

3.) I had chocolate and grass for dessert. Right after we had our dinner, Ninang asked, "Ano? Kape tayo?" I smiled an impish smile and nodded yes. Hehehe. Naturally, we proceeded to a not-so-nearby Starbucks for a coffee break. When we arrived, we were all taken aback by how steep the descent to the store was. The incline was almost vertical. I braced myself for a bumpy ride. Thank goodness, Tito Lem was an expert driver. He managed to make the descent not so uncomfortable. We then entered the store and lined up to get our dose of caffeine and endorphin. Dennis and I queued up with Ninang while NJ and the rest of the troop looked for a place to sit. At one point, while we were waiting in line, I turned to Dennis. "Makakauwi pa ba tayo?" I asked. "Naku. Tamang-tama, magsimula na tayong maglakad ngayon para sa Lunes nasa Mitsubishi ka na," he replied. Ninang Cmae overheard us and we all laughed.
Kidding aside, check out what he had for our not-so late dessert:
Oreo Cheesecake
This is NJ's favorite, by the way. Couldn't blame her, who could hate Oreo and Cheese?
Blueberrylicious Cheesecake
I think Ninang loved this because she even brought some home for Kuya Clyde and Ate Faye.

Green Tea Cream Frappe, and Cookies and Cream
I had the Green Tea Cream Frappe and it tasted like freshly mowed grass. Hahaha. It wasn't bad but I won't be repeating this order any time soon. :)


Well, this sums up my Tagaytay Foodscapade. Thank you for this adventure. Thank you especially to Ninang and Tito Lem for driving us all the way back to Tikling. I know things would be different very soon but I promise I will do everything to keep our friendship intact. Love you, Ninang and NJ!

Cheers to the next adventure!

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