Chilling out at the Tagaytay Sky Ranch

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I try my best to blog real-time. Alas, sloth coupled with the fact that setting up my laptop is a production number (because the laptop's built-in monitor is cracked and therefore needs to be plugged into an external one), prevents me from doing so. Yes, I blame my tools. Haha. I often ask myself why I couldn't save enough money to buy a new laptop. The answer is yet to be found. 

Anyway, this entry shall be one of a three-part post about my Tagaytay escapade. 

So a little back story...

Long before our foodscapade in Greenhills, I've made the decision of making Ma'am Cmae a ninang when I get married. (I figured she and Tito Lem would be a good role model for me and Dennis.) So after said foodscapade, I voiced out this intention to her. She didn't say no, so I started referring to her as Ninang Cmae, or simply, Ninang. :)

Ok. So after our stint at Greenhills, where we spend the entire day together (I got home in the wee hours of the morning), Ninang casually mentioned a trip to Tagaytay. Of course, NJ and I were up for it. It was only a matter of when. 

And now, I shall quote Paulo Coelho: When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. 


1.) You can pick me up sa puso mo. Last July 1, Ninang got a promotion. Yay! After the promotion was announced and congratulations were uttered, Ninang Cmae asked, "Gusto mo mag-kape?" I was like, "Di ako nagkakape eh." She laughed. "Ayaw mo mag-kape sa Tagaytay?" Haha. Sorry naman, slow. The three of us--NJ, Ninang, and I--started making plans. I don't really remember what happened. Hahaha. I do remember sulking, though. It was because the initial date for the Tagaytay trip was in conflict with my date with French. "Sige, kayo na lang," I mumbled. "Naku, nagtampo na. Di bagay sa'yo, te," teased NJ. Nag-inarte lang. Haha. But eventually, we were able to settle on a much agreeable date: July 13.

I asked if I could tag Dennis along. Ninang and NJ were ok with the idea. "Sama ko si Dennis ah?" "Paulit-ulit?" said Ninang in between laughs. Naninigurado lang po. Hehe.

The day before our trip, while having our 15-minute morning break, Ninang handed me the phone with a preface, "May gusto kumausap sa'yo." I furrowed my brows and took the phone. "Hello?" said I. "Hi, pick-up girl," greeted Tito Lem's voice. (The pick-up girl thing materialized because I often pick up calls that are not really meant for me. I couldn't just let the phone keep ringing, right?) I giggled. Tito Lem called to confirm our meet-up point. "Saan ba convenient sa'yo?" he asked. "Sa puso mo," I replied impishly. Tito Lem laughed. "Boom!" he said. Hahaha. Mga baliw lang. Well, anyway, we agreed that NJ and I would wait for them at NCBA Cubao. I still needed to attend my research class, you see. The irony of it all was, when she found out I went to Tagaytay, my mom accused me of ditching school. Gee, thanks mom.

2.) NJ asks me for a snack. Our agreed meet-up time was 10am. Dennis arrived a tad later. I then got a text from Ninang saying that Audric (her grandson) will be coming with us, as well as Ate Joyce and Kuya Mark (Audric's parents). 
Cutie-patootie Audric
She said they'd be waiting for Audric's check-up to wrap up before they could fetch us. I said ok. NJ wasn't with me yet anyway. It was almost 11 when NJ arrived. We were waiting in a shed in front of the school and it was raining. "Wala ba tayong mauupuan?" asked NJ. So we went inside the campus to sit down. We exchanged stories. I confessed something to her (will post about this later on). Moments later, she peeked inside my bag and asked, "Wala ka bang pagkain diyan?" Hahaha. Gutom na si Travis. She then sent Ninang an SMS asking where they were and telling them that she's famished. Well, to make things concise, our time of meet-up went from 10 am to 11:45. Like I said: We are staunch advocates of the Filipino Time.

3.) We meet Ninang's doppelgangers. Dennis and I sat in the back side of the Adventure, which was perfectly fine as I got to stretch out. Plus, I think I have ADHD because I just can't stay still for longer than five minutes--I move around quite a bit and am sort of restless, especially during long car rides. Anyhow, since it was almost lunch, we opted for a drive-thru at McDonald's. Here was our loot:
You can never go wrong with burgers and fries

To tell you the truth, NJ and I didn't have any idea of our itinerary. We both decided to go along with everything. Koboys nga, di ba. So we weren't really surprised when we arrived at Tita Sharon's house in Bel-air Laguna. Sosyal. (Tita Sharon, by the way, is Ninang Cmae's ditse.) Tita Sharon was a bit flustered because she didn't really believe that we were coming. Haha. Apparently, Ninang was not able to answer Tita Sharon's calls. Regardless, we had a wonderful lunch featuring the home-cooked meals that everyone loves:
I love Sardines but onions... Muhahaha.

Daing, baby

Ampalaya Omelet (?)
After we finished having our lunch, we took pictures, of course:
Ate Joyce in pandiculation
What was happening? I really don't know. :)
Lunch time!
Tita Melody gently swaying Audric to sleep
Sweet. :)
The striking resemblance of Ninang and her sisters were fascinating. But NJ and I agreed that Ninang looked more alike with Tita Sharon than with Tita Melody (their youngest sister).

4.) A sniff of horse poop. So we bid Tita Sharon and Tita Melody goodbye and set-off towards the Sky Ranch. 
NJ and I, Sky Eye
NJ informed me that the Sky Ranch used to be a horse ranch. It wasn't hard to believe. Why? Well, while we lined up for entrance tickets (costs 50php each), it still smelled like poop. Gumuguhit sa ilong. Hahaha.
Goofing off in the queue
By this time, I got used to the smell of horse poop
 We saw these and it was clear that what we were smelling were not ghost scents:
I was a little saddened by this picture. I had always imagined horses to be a lot more majestic. Sigh.

On a less KJ note, we went inside and decided to buy some popcorn. Woohoo!

Model ng popcorn
And took some more pictures:
Disregarding Kuya the Photobummer: Happy Family

Lovers in Tagaytay. :D
And the "don't talk while you eat" rule doesn't make sense anymore
5.) Going around in circles. After aimlessly walking around the place, we decided to ride the Tagaytay Eye. It is officially known as the Sky Eye, by the way, and, at 63 meters (207 ft) with 32 gondolas, is currently the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country. Ok.
Who's that pokemon!
There was an overcast and light drizzling in Tagaytay that day so I didn't really get to appreciate the view. Pictures na lang.
6.) Chit-chatting and a view of the Taal. The Sky Eye ride lasted about fifteen minutes, I guess. Not really sure. Hehe. We decided to hang around for a bit and make kwento. (Yuck, ang conyo lang.)
See the look of utter happiness on my face? :)
At any rate, I was resolved to tell Ninang what I have confessed to NJ earlier. I made a promise to myself that NJ and her would be the first ones to know. "May pagtatapat sa'yo si Celine," began NJ. Ninang looked at me all serious. "Buntis siya," added NJ, laughing. "Tatadyakan kita," warned Ninang. I snickered. I told her the truth and we had a serious discussion. So that's that. (I am not pregnant, by the way. Imbento de ti lang si NJ. I promise, I will post details later). For now, more pictures!
Sweet! :)
NJ's face: Epic
Audric with Daddy Mark
Hashtag Happy. :)

After taking more pictures, we decided to take our chit-chatting elsewhere and left Sky Ranch at around four-ish.

Now, off for some tasty pastries! Woohoo!


(Part 2 here, Part 3 here.)

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