Run for St. John 2013: For the Benefit of the Doubt and the Borrowed Medal

Sunday, June 30, 2013


New title format (again): (Event Name): (A More Clever Title).  

So why strip off the "Celineism"? Well, I'll be transferring my entries to my own Blogger account very soon so that would be unnecessary. It'll be a redundancy, really. And no more sequencing because, let's be honest, that's just tacky.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day!


I've been running regularly for more than a month now. I actually want to do strength and core training like yoga and pilates or even weight training to tone my flabby self but haven't gotten around to finding an accessible (and affordable) gym to do so. Also, I have my Research subject this semester. I don't know how else to justify my inability to join a gym other than these reasons. They are very legitimate, as far as I'm concerned. So for the mean time, I'd have to settle for cardio.

At any rate, I think it was last Wednesay when I got a text message from Tita Karin asking me if I wanted to join a fun run on June 16. Now, participating in a road race has always been on my bucket list and I actually got to cross it out last January 20. I didn't fare so well the first time but I did enjoy the experience. I decided I'd run a road race as often as possible. In other words, "Yes, tita."


1.) I ride for my singlet and a cause I know not. After I confirmed my participation in the fun run, Tita Karin texted me the Sunday before about the registration fee. She told me to drop it off at my Lolo's house which is two streets from where I live. She would just pass by Lolo's the next day, before she picks up the singlets. Funny thing: I forgot to do it. Hahaha. I remembered it when I arrived at the office, so I immediately texted Tita Karin that I'd just come over at her place after work (but I really meant after my run). Well, being the understanding Tita that she is, it was no problem. 
So after I finished my jog, I hopped onto my Honda Wave (this belongs to my Ate Ingrid but is currently in the custody of my dad, so by consanguinity and the transitive property of having custody of things, it's in mycustody as well.) I vroomed to Tita Karin's place (which is in the same compound as Tita Luz's) to pay up and also to pick up my singlet. 
When I arrived, my cousin Gelo opened the gate for me. He mistakenly announced to Tita Luz (his mom) that it was Ate Ingrid who had decided to show up. Seeing that Tita Karin's house looked without-anyone, I walked into Tita Luz's living room with my helmet still on. Tita Luz walked out from the kitchen, barely recognizing me. She then turned to Gelo, "Hindi naman si Ate Ingrid eh. Si Ate Celine to."  "Eh akala ko lang naman," Gelo said defensively.
Anyway, after some small talk, I told Tita Luz my rendezvous with Tita Karin. "Nandiyan po ba siya?" I asked. "Halika, tingnan natin," said Tita Luz. It took no more than ten steps and a heartbeat before I found Tita Luz opening Tita Karin's front door. It wasn't locked, to my surprise. Tita Karin must be really into energy conservation, I thought. We went inside and bounded upstairs. Unbidden.
 "Carina?" called Tita Luz. We were, in this moment, in the doorstep of the master's bedroom. Tita Karin peered from the door. I didn't saw her reaction as the lights were turned off. "Bakit hindi kayo nagbukas ng ilaw?" she said in between laughs. "Baka kasi bawal," I jokingly replied. We then fumbled our way down the stairs, to the living room, and waited for Tita Karin to yell "Lumos!" No, just kidding. We waited for her to turn on the lights. We then sat down on the sofa and gave Tita Karin what I owed while she started distributing our singlets.
At one point, I asked Tita Karin for what benefit is the run for. She stared at the front side of the singlet and furrowed her brows. "For the benefit,"  she started as she traced the printed design of the shirt with her index finger, as if reading the answer from there. She looked up, "of the doubt?" The three of us burst out laughing. "Benta," I remarked. 
The run was, if you're wondering, for the Saint John the Baptist Parish Church. For construction or renovation? That I don't know. *shrugs shoulders*

2.) It was top of the morning before the gunshot. So the day of the run, Tita Luz et al picked me up at around 5 am. Tita Karin's family was full force--she, Tito Ric, Ate Kim aka Mirajane aka Sky Maiden, Boss Kevin, and Ken. Aside from Tita Luz, Gelo joined us. Dadoy (Tita Luz's eldest) got home late last night so he wasn't able to join us. 
We were a little worried that the event had already started but, to our relief (which later turned into a very mild annoyance), it hasn't. We, well, at least I, got a little irritated because it was past six and we weren't running yet. I pacified myself with a helping of street taho (courtesy of Tita Karin) and relieving my bladder. The 3K runners eventually set off at 6:30 am, when the sun was already up and about, blaring impolitely.Mainit na
But, oh well.


3.) A wrong turn and random boosts of confidence. The starter's pistol was shot and so we went for it. I had a good start but Tita Luz sped past me after a short while. The Sky Maiden cheered, "Takbo takbo din pag may time," after leaving me behind. This won't do, I mumbled. I then picked up my speed and went past Tita Luz. I caught up with Mirajane but was not able to go past her. She gained a considerable distance from me but after the first turn, I saw her stopping to walk. Before the second turn, she was metaphorically eating my dust.
Upon seeing that I did not have a "ribbon" (the facilitators ran out of this necklace of straw that indicates you have passed a turn), Tita Luz crossed to my side of the road. She cheated, simply put. Muhahaha. 
Having found my rhythm, I kept running and caught up with Gelo and Boss Kevs. I ran past them too. Woohoo! I got to the third turn and got myself a blue ribbon. I was making good time and covered almost half of the course but my energy was dwindling. I decided to proceed walking. After a considerable number of strides, a biker kept up with my pace and said, "Takbo na, ate." So run I went.
I almost covered a third of the track before Gelo ran past me. Seeing that we were near the finish line, I ran as fast as I could. I (and apparently, Gelo, as well) thought I only needed to make a final turn but, as a red-clad guy signaled me to go straight, found that I was wrong. That was it. I was spent. So I just walked, gasping for dear life and sweating bucketfuls. A few moments later, a fellow runner, albeit older and of the opposite sex, (I think he was a friend of Tita Karin) urged me to go on. "Tara na, konti na lang. Malapit na." "Wait lang po," I croaked. I wanted to curl into fetal position at that point but then I saw the final turn in the distance. It was close. So inhaling deeply and exhaling loudly, I imagined a knot of toads hopping after me. This triggered a wave of adrenaline (and a bit of panic). I ran as fast as I could and, in all my sweaty glory, crossed the invisible finish line in 30 minutes, more or less! Woohoo! 
Gelo went on and finished a few seconds ahead of me. I was followed by Tito Ric. Boss Kevs shortly followed. Tita Karin finished a few moments after. I guess Sky Maiden waited for or kept pace with her friends from the medical community because she finished a little later. Tita Luz took a short cut and did not take the final turn but went on after being goaded by us to go ahead and finish the race. She and Ken were neck-and-neck to the finish line. 
After the race, we were treated to a feast of nilagang saging na saba, boiled egg, lugaw, and Zest-o. I wanted to lie down and doze off. I was exhausted. Definitely need to train more.

Bottom: Blue ribbon + faux ice watch; Top: Unflattering photos

4.) The medal that was not mine and the spontaneous gift. One of Sky Maiden's friends won a medal. (Congratulations! Good job!) I'm not sure which category. 5K, perhaps? At any rate, we borrowed it and took pictures of ourselves with the medal on. Props only. But I made a mental note that I'd win me a medal one of these days. A medal for a road race, that is. (I've loads of medals but those are for other things.)
After the announcement and awarding of winners, we went to McDonald's drive-thru and ordered ourselves some snacks. I got a Crispy Chicken Sandwich (my favorite). Tita Luz dropped me off near the tricycle terminal. I decided to pass up on walking and rode a tricycle. When I got off, a man was yelling, "Tahooooo! Tahooooo!"  I was going to buy just one ten-peso cup of taho but saw my dad and ordered two. Best Father's day present, or what?

Things to do: Win a medal for a road race


Not only did I had my day's worth of cardio, I get to spend time with my extended family. Plus, I get to put my month-long running into good use. And, found out that my running pace and endurance definitely needs improvement.

Cheers to the next adventure!

Originally posted on June 16, 2013. Reposted from Facebook.

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