McSpicy: Hot or Not?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The interesting McDonald’s TV ad featuring a young actress in a red bandage dress had given birth to the hype that is the McSpicy Sandwich—or simply, the McSpicy. With the love and taste for all things hot and spicy and chicken, I’ve succumbed to this excitement as well.

Last Friday, June 28th, three of my colleagues--Nikko, Jen, Tin--and I had our lunch at a nearby McDonald’s.

I was geared to try McDonalds’ much talked-about new flagship product. Upon seeing the prices of the McSpicy meals, though, I had second thoughts. I was trying really hard to be thrifty. Ultimately, however, curiosity got the best of me. I ended up shelling out a hundred and thirty-five bucks. This is for an order of McSpicy + Medium Fries + Medium Soda, or in my case, Medium Sprite.

I almost wasn't able to take a photo of the sandwich because I was so very curiously hungry.

McDonald's Chicken Sandwich

I was able to restrain myself. But only for a little while.

O chicken, I eat your ass.
I finished the whole thing in just a couple of minutes. I was expecting scorching heat but there was none. It had the spicy undertone similar to that of the cheaper Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It was surprisingly filling, though. (And I am not one to be filled up easily so this is really saying something.) I haven’t eaten a whole Big N’ Tasty nor a Big Mac so I couldn’t gauge the size of the sandwich to these two but it is relatively bigger than your average chicken sandwich or burger. In addition, I do think that hardcore hot-and-spicy fans (such as myself) would be disappointed with the McSpicy. But for people looking to tickle their tastebuds with something other than the all-too-common rice meal, then this is definitely one to consider. And for 135 pesos? Not too shabby, Ronald. 

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