BonChon SM Taytay: The On-the-Spot Date and the Weird but Delicious

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ok. This one’s not that late. Last entry and then I start blogging real-time again—hopefully. *fingers crossed*


June 9 marked the 66th month of pure love and happiness with Loves kong Dennis. The plan of celebration was simple: hang-out at my place—which we did for a little while. But out of nowhere, I had this yen for BonChon chicken that cannot be denied. (Waaaay too much chicken, I know.) I asked Dennis if we could grab a meal at the newly opened BonChon at SM Taytay. “Libre mo ko,” I said. And to his credit, he immediately said ok. However, I was having second thoughts and was feeling a bit lazy. I know it was myidea in the first place but I hadn’t taken a bath yet and was in my jammies. (Dennis still finds me beautiful in this state so back off. Wahaha.) After Dennis finally convinced me to get my lazy bum off the couch and take a bath, I felt a pang of guilt. Why? Well, I left him waiting for a long time. You know how girls are when it comes to bathing and getting dressed. But, oh well.

After I cleaned up, we went back to his house to fetch some cash (he did not prepare for this date as it was, as the title of this note suggests, on-the-spot). The whole time, I was convincing him to let me go with him to his dorm (he was scheduled to go there later that evening) so that I’ll know how to get there in case I wanted to drop by and check up on him. He remained steadfast at saying no. He argued that it’ll be late when I get home, unfavorable things might happen. This was fairly reasonable so I gave in.

Well, we turned up at BonChon at around, er, 5PM? Not sure, didn’t really care. You lose all sense of time when you’re with the one you love, you know. Anyway, we were surprised at how jam-packed the place was, but only mildly—it was a Sunday, after all. Seeing the long queue, I asked Dennis if he would mind waiting. “Ang bango,” was his reply. I took this as a no. The smell wafting from the place was indeed inviting. So we had our names queued for seats, and lined up to place our orders.

To SM Taytay BonChon’s credit, we were seated right after we placed our orders. Hoorah!


1.) The Lady in the Counter thought we were ordering for four. After a thorough discussion of what to eat, we settled for the four-piece spicy chicken chops package and four servings of plain rice. The lady who took our orders then asked if we wanted four plates. I got confused and probably looked it because the counter rephrased her question, “Ilan po kayo sa table? Apat po ba?”  I smiled. “Dalawa lang kami,” was my polite reply. These things do tend to happen to us. We’re used to it. ;)

2.) It’s weird but it’s delicious. I decided to try the sweet potato fries. I don’t know, just wanted something new, I guess. Dennis was such a gentleman to go along with my caprices. (He’s always this gentlemanly, mind you.) I took the first bite and was astounded at the marriage of the flavors—the sweet and the salty. “Sarap,” I mumbled between bites, wide-eyed and all. “Ang weird pero ang sarap… Parang ikaw,” I added. Dennis smiled a sort-of-embarrassed smile and said, “Ikaw din. Ang weird mo pero masarap.” Haha. Whatever. Anyway, the sweet potato fries give your conventional French fries a run for its money. I even remarked that they were a healthy alternative. I didn’t really know what in the world I was talking about. The sweet potato fries could’ve been double deep-fried in lard, for all I know. Nonetheless, I highly recommend it.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

3.) Too much spice? Nah. While we were down to our last bites of the spicy chicken chops, Loves ko started coughing. “Wooh,” he said. He drank all his water and was cheating gulps from my glass. “Weak,” I scoffed. I then gave him some of my rice because I knew he liked lots of rice with his viand but he used it against me. “Wala ka pala e. Gusto mo lang bawasan rice mo,” he jeered. “Di kaya,” I said, and stuck out my tongue. I didn’t know what’s with him but I liked the spiciness of the chicken. We had spicier things than these. But we had agreed to order some soy garlic chicken next time. You know, to balance out the heat.

Koreans ang peg.
4.) MMPC shows up in a picture. While waiting for our food, we started taking pictures of and with each other. Funny thing happened: Dennis was taking a picture of me when he said, “May MMPC.” I was like,“Huh?” Well, this picture says it all:

Epic look on my face

The guy in the “MMPC Badminton” shirt was Sir Cris Bas from MMPC’s Purchasing Office. Whoops!

5.) Martian Dessert. After our BonChon meal, we walked around, trying to decide where to have dessert. Dennis suggested McDonalds’. “Ack,” said I, which he understood as no. He then suggested we go buy some Mars chocolate bars. I had a big smile on my face. Perfect!

Noms Needs Mars. I'm Noms. Nomnomnom. :)

Although the day didn’t go as planned, things turned out ok. We got to spend time with each other and got to celebrate sixty-six months of togetherness. We’re still counting!

Cheers to Forever!

Originally Posted on June 11, 2013. Reposted from Facebook.

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