An Open Letter to Ms. Risa Hontiveros

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Ms. Risa,

The world of politics, and those who live in it, was something I used to not care about. Hubris told me it was pure stupidity; Faithlessness In the System insisted it was a waste of time. I refrained from watching the news, from reading the papers, for fear of being dismayed. I hated the tomfoolery, the shenanigans, the pretense and the lies. I was convinced that my beloved country was far better off without the scums that call themselves our leaders. I was convinced that the People are stupid for believing otherwise.

I was wrong, of course. The government truly is important. Politics is essential regardless of whether I pay attention or not. Upon realizing this very fact, I decided to trust the proverbial system. But in politics, as in all other aspects of life, when you trust, you have to brace yourself for what is to come--be it the best or the worst.

I chose to invest my trust in you during the 2010 elections. But alas, I was rewarded with heartache. The pain was not because of what you are nor of what you did but because of what you could've become and could've done. We failed to bring the magandang laban to a grander scale. We had let you slip away. 

I thought this madness was just an honest mistake and that we would learn from it. I thought the sense of betrayal I felt back then would never again plague me so I remained hopeful. I'm glad I did because this never even slowed you down. No one in their right mind would deny the things you've done for this beautiful nation. 

So... Tiwala lang.

Last May 13, my vote was cast: One senator. Just one. #18 - Risa Hontiveros.

I'm at a lost for words at the profoundly disappointing turn of events. Heartache yet again! The sense that my fellowmen had betrayed me loomed over my head for the second time. I am not embarrassed to say that I did shed a tear or two upon learning what had come to pass. There was much more pain; there still is. Isang linggo pa po yata bago ako maka-move on. Ang sakit sa puso, Ma'am. 

Imagine how tough it must be for you. It know it is hard but one really can't tell because you've never swayed nor showed any signs of wavering. You've remained gracefully steadfast amidst this insanity. Your courage is contagious. 

I've no right to judge my fellowmen because I don't really know how they choose their senators. No one can ever be sure of the extent of the competence and potential of a candidate and that is why we should let the elected prove their worth. "The People have spoken," they say. I will respect their voice. 

I maintain, however, that you will always be the smarter, better choice. 

I know you'd very much delight in going back to your first love: theater and music. Forgive me for being presumptuous, but I am certain that you will not do it, Ms. Risa. At least not yet, for you are a fighter and the fight is far from over. It is indeed an uphill battle, as you said so yourself, but never forget: the hardest fight and the good fight are one and the same. I trust that you will not be derailed on your quest for a better Philippines.

I will not give up on you, Risa Hontiveros. You are not alone.

We are almost there. 

We WILL be in the Senate.

Ipinaglalaban ka rin,
Celine Reyes

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